Update Libya: Foreign Mercenary Shot Down After Bombing Innocents - Libyans Demand Justice

The Libyan National Army is working to cleanse Tripoli and the surrounding areas (especially Misurata) of terrorist mercenary militias and are fully supported by all the Libyan people. These terrorist mercenaries were put into Libya in 2011 by NATO, US, UK , France, Italy, Qatar, Turkey and other countries supporting the illegal destruction of the sovereign country of Libya. These groups have been armed, funded and supplied (with more mercenaries) by the same groups that installed them by force in 2011.

Freedom From Tyranny

We will always stand with our Libyan brothers and sisters in their fight to free their country from Al Qaeda, Rats and Puppet governments that were forced upon them by the illegal invasion and bombing of NATO and the imperialist western nations. NATO blew up the sovereign nation of Libya under the guise of breaking an evil regime and protecting innocents. Instead they broke an entire country and killed 500,000 innocent civilians.

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