Egyptian President al Sisi to Assist Libya in Fighting Terrorism

The President of Egypt has promised to fight terrorism and has stated openly that because of the nest of terrorists now residing in Libya and because there is no border security between Egypt and Libya it is in Egypt's best interest for their own national security to assist the Libyans in cleaning their country of radical Islamists.

US wars in the Middle East: A new age of hydro-imperialism

So we find that France controls 50% of the worlds water. Ghadafi required that his great man made river belong to Libya and the Libyan people. He refused to let the rest of the world control it. Now since the illegal invasion and attack on Libya, FRANCE is now rebuilding and re designing the Great man made River, the Libyan people will suffer not only the cost of design and construction but will bear the weight of the expensive water. We look for the great Tribes of Libya to take back their country from the occupiers and give all the assets back the rightful owners - the Libyan people..

Libyans Tribes Declare Control of Their Sovereign Land

The Great Tribes of Libya held a conference yesterday. The result of the conference is the declarations of the Tribes below. There are 15 declarations the tribes will enforce to put the control of Libya into the hands of its rightful owners - "The Libyan Tribes". 98% of all Libyans are member of tribes, the Libyan culture is very ancient and very strong. Everyone in Libya is so happy about these declarations. These declarations are the steps needed to restore their country back into the hands of the Tribes and out of the hands of the Islamic Extremists and Western Zionist puppets.

New civil war in Libya as Benghazi probe begins by Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr Jerome Corsi, working with the Moriartys and the Great Tribes of Libya, again hits the truth about Libya that is not being talked about by any main stream media. His report brings to the surface the ongoing subterfuge by the US in Libya today. The US Ambassador to Libya (Deborah Jones) is the leader of the mis-information machine as pointed out in a rebuttal statement put out by the Great Tribes of Libya.

Libyan Tribes Respond to US Ambassador Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones US Ambassador to Libya spoke today at the Stimson Center in Washington DC. Her prowess for mis-statements and lies is unmatched except by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama'. She states the Libyan people never had a government before the so called "revolution" and that they are not capable of having a large government only of having small pieces of governments. She also states that the Libyan people do not want a great leader it is not in their culture.

The Truth Comes Out About the Libyan War and Benghazi 2012

This video documentary just released interviews US intelligence agents, US military personnel and others who confirm EVERYTHING that we have been saying about the illegal war against Libya. It was Obama who illegally continued the war in Libya in 2011 while arming and funding Al Qaeda rebels and mercenaries. The state of Libya is the shame of the west and was intentional.

Fixing Libya, USA, UK and France Fight to Win Biggest Piece of Oil Rich Libya

The below link is for an article published in an Egyptian newspaper yesterday. The article breaks the story that the US, UK and France are all in a fight over who will fix Libya now that it is completely broken by THEM. How ironic is this or should I say how criminal is this?

The article is an interview with Dr. Abdul Aziz Song. The doctor is an expert in Libyan and North African affairs. He speaks quite candidly about what is happening in Libya currently.


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