Ibrahim Al Dabashi Libyan UN Ambassador Breaks His Silence

Ibrahim Al Dabashi Libya's "traitor" UN Ambassador finally breaks his silence about the truth in Libya. Dabashi is considered a traitor by his country for joining the false flag revolution started by NATO and Obama that left his country in ruins, in the hands of Al Qaeda and 500,000 of his country men dead. Now that the Patriotic Libyan Tribes have joined together to take back their country and install security and a chosen by the people government, he is afraid for his life. So, he begins to tell the truth hopefully to save himself.

Libya's Young Women Suffer Gang Rapes in Prison and Request Permission for Suicide

LIBYA'S EYES run tears of Sorrow for the young women captured and tortured by NATO criminal mercenaries. These women are put into prison and gang raped on a daily basis by criminal Libyans and by many foreign mercenaries from France, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan and other countries. These women many of them now pregnant by their rapists request (as their right - under their law) to be allowed to commit suicide rather that carry the life of these criminal psychopaths that raped them in prison.

VIDEO US Puppet Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Gives Permission For US Troops

This is what happens when one country (USA) installs by force a puppet government in another country. Ali Zeidan the Puppet Prime Minister of Libya has given permission today to the US to put troops on the ground in Libya. This is of course to keep his position as puppet PM against the will of the people of Libya. This is proof positive that US has absolutely no interest in helping the people of the world. It is all about control of the world in the worst possible way.

Libyan Popular Resistance Destroys 100+ Armed Vehicles of Misurata Terrorists

January 28, 2014

The great Libyan patriots of the resistance fighting the radical Islamists illegally occupying their country, are having great victories against evil. Today a 100+ (armed) vehicle convoy of these criminals was ambushed and destroyed some 70km from Sabha. The popular resistance is strong and their voice is strong to all Libyan patriots.

Report Below from Leaders of the Resistance:

The current situation today

Sabha - Southern Libya - Formal Announcement

Sabha and the Tribes of the southern half of Libya announce the rise of the the Libyan Popular Resistance. The Popular Resistance of Libya is made up of Libyan tribes and patriots whose goal is to take their country back from the radical Islamists, most of whom are not of Libyan nationality. These radical groups include: Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, The Libyan Islamic Fighting group and many others.

NATO and U.S. Supported Radicals Attack Using "Sarin Gas" against the defenseless Libyan population

Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (24/01/2014): Popular Insurrection across Libya.
NATO and U.S. Supported Radicals commit another genocide using Sarin gas against the defenseless population

Libyan map showing Popular Resistance control with Green Flags. They are fighting to free their country of NATO criminal mercenaries, radical Islamic rebel/rats, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, the puppet government and all Islamic terrorist groups forced upon them by NATO and the US.
PHOTO 1 below:


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