URGENT Al Qaeda Bombs Innocent Civilians of Warshafena and Al Ojailat

URGENT - Al Qaeda groups in Libya attacked the innocent civilians of Warshafena and Al Ojailat areas near Tripoli last night while the people slept. Many people died and were wounded. These are criminal acts, acts that have been taking place in Libya since the 2011 NATO invasion of Libya. This is what drives the Libyan people, the tribes and the Great green resistance to rise up and fight for their people and their country.

UPDATE Libya - Official Document - Muslim Brotherhood Declaration Removing Support of Libyan Puppet Government

Today we reported that the Muslim Brotherhood political group in Libya " Party for Justice and Development" pulled their support and their representatives (ministers) from the Puppet Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. This is crushing blow to Zeidan who, as we have reported in the past, carries dual citizenship with Libya and Germany. He is a German spy and this is known to all Libyans.

BREAKING NEWS - The Continuing fall of the Zeidan puppet government in Libya

"The Party for Justice and Development (The Muslim Brotherhood) have withdrawn their ministers from the Government of Ali Zeidan" .. Source news channel Brotherhood.
عااااااااااجل ,,,,,,,,, حزب العداله والبناء (حزب الاخوان ) يسحب وزراءه من حكومة زيدان ..المصدر قناة النبأ الاخوانيه

The Puppet Government of Ali Zeidan in Libya is falling apart. No shock as there was never any support amongst the Libyan citizens for this man who carries a German passport and is a German spy. He was forced upon the Libyans by NATO, the UN and Obama. Good riddance Zeidan .

Where is the UN Security Council Now? Libyan Civilians Attacked by War Planes

The valiant Libyan people and tribes (making up 95% of the Libyan people) are in the process of freeing their country of the Al Qaeda vermin put in their country by NATO the UN and the US. War planes are now flying over the southern city of Sabha bombing civilian neighborhoods. The bombing is being conducted by Qatar aircraft supplied by the USA and flown by Qatar.



Reliable sources from inside Libya report that the Southern part of Libya has been LIBERATED from Islamic Extremist Armed Gangs, Al Qaeda, TRAITOR "rebel" Rats and the puppet government put in place by NATO against the will of the people of Libya. The Libyan people are taking back their sovereignty and their country. The people of Libya and the Libyan tribes again demand that the UN/NATO/US stay OUT of their country and their OUT of their affairs

The Free Libyan resistance green flag flies in splendor and dignity in the following cities:

January 9, 2014 (hour 1) Moriartys on the Power Hour with Sheik from Bani Walid Libya

The brave, fearless and honorable Great Werfalla tribe calls it's homeland Bani Walid. This city has never fallen and holds the hope for all of Libya to be free from Al Qaeda and NATO mercenaries and all traitor rebel rats. This city with it's 150,000 + innocent people was brutally attacked by the puppet government of Libya, the armed Al Qaeda gangs and droves of rebel terrorists from Misurata in the fall of 2012. The city was surrounded and bombed and Sarin (poisonous) gas was used against these innocent people.

January 9, 2014 (hour 1) Moriartys on the Power Hour with Sheik from Bani Walid Libya

January 1, 2014 More Missiles Fired on Libya

There were more missile attacks on Libya January 1, 2014. The Al Watia base near the Tunisian border was again hit with a number of missiles. The source of the missiles is not confirmed but the general consensus among the Libyan people is that it is from the USA. Al Watia is a weapons storage depot for Islamic Extremists groups. The second missile attack was made near Sabratha west of Tripoli on the coast. This attack was made on a training camp for Islamic Extremists.


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