Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb Site

Breaking News Libya - December 27, 2013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al Watia base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”) The place that was hit housed Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood factions.

VIDEO People of Sirte, Libya Celebrates as They Foresee the Green Flag Returning Peace and Security to Libya

The people of Sirte Libya celebrate as they know that soon the Libyan people (as a whole) will rise to push out Al Qaeda and the Zionist Puppet government from their beloved home land. Libya will again be led by the legitimate leaders. Peace and prosperity will return to their country. For these people who have suffered, lost homes, loved ones, livelihoods and had their country blown to bits this is the greatest gift from God.

Libya's Puppet Government Fears Over Throw by Ligitimate Libyan Leaders

Telling Article by Alexandra Valiente of Libya 360

Libya's Puppet Government Fears Overthrow Following Ahmed Qaddafi's Media Appearance

During an interview with Ahmad Gadaffi Aldam, the cousin of Gaddafi, on the axis channel, Ahmed confirms that "Muammar Gaddafi, was a great leader and soon the world will see this."

Jimmy, JoAnne and Libyan Tribes Spokesman Join Joyce Riley on The Power Hour

Truths of Libya, before, after and present.

Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty are joined by Faraj Muftah of the Libyan Tribes to speak with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour Radio show. Faraj shares the truths of Libya, the lie of the false revolution, truths about Chris Stevens and Benghazi and other truths not being told by the Western media about Libya, the Middle East and N. Africa

December 19, 2013 Moriartys and Libyan Tribes Rep on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

Libyan Ahmed Ghadafi Al Dam Aquitted of all charges and Released from Egyptian Prison

Ahmed Gaddafi Al-Dam acquitted of all charges and released from Egyptian prison yesterday. In the photo with the Egyptian General Abdul Fattah Al Sisi. Good news for the people of Libya trying to rid their country of Al Qaeda and all the rubbish puppets put in place in Libya by NATO and Obama.

Top Tribal Leaders Released from Zawia prison in Libya

Today top Werfalla leader Sheik Mohamed Al Bargouty and others (all innocent of any crimes) released from Zawia prison in Libya today. This is the first step to beginning the healing in Libya.
These tribal leaders broke no laws, they were against the revolution as they knew it was a false revolution. They were imprisoned illegally by criminal gangs of Islamic extremists and held since 2011 without any charges or any due process. Today there is much celebration in Libyan cities especially Bani Walid the home of the Werfalla tribe.

Al Qaeda in Libya Purchasing Scud Missiles

Sunrise Online news site comes from Algeria, and provides real-time and continuous coverage of events in Algeria and the Arab world, and the world, in three languages
This article is about Al Qaeda and it leaders namely a one Abdulhakem Belhaj and their purchase of Scud missiles. All these dangerous weapons in Al Qaeda's hands is
is thank you very much NATO the US and their allies for blowing up the peaceful, safe, secure country of Libya and turning it over to these psychopathic criminals. AND

VIDEO Al Qaeda from Libya Terrorize Syrian Civilians

Abo Suheeb Allibi - a well known Al Qaeda terrorist from Libya (there are many terrorists flowing into Syria from Libya) is shown in this video terrorizing the local Syrian civilians. This kind of criminal behavior was supported and allowed in Libya during the NATO/US war there. The only difference was NATO was allowed to run 60,000 bombing raids against the Libyans and completely destroy their country. There was no Russia standing up for the innocents in Libya, thank God they are for Syria.

Moriarty's Speak Out Again on Voice of Russia with John Robles

Moriarty's discuss Al Qaeda in Libya and the corruption put in place in that country by NATO and Obama. See transcript on Voice of Russia Website

November 12, 2013 Moriarty's Speak Out about Libya on Voice of Russia with John Robles


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