Statement of the Council of the Great Werfalla Tribe of Bani Walid

As the official spoke person for the Great Tribes of Libya, I am proud to confirm the following:

Yesterday the council of the Werfalla tribe met and issued a formal statement:

" The Great Werfalla tribe claims allegiance to no government in Libya at this time. The Great Werfalla Tribe recognizes that the country of Libya is currently under military control and there will be no government until there is a government that is inclusive of all the Libyan people."

VIDEO Great Tribes of Libya Moving Against Radical Islamists

The great tribes of Libya continue their fight against the criminal invaders of their country. This video explains areas where the tribes are working to clean their country of the radical mercenaries who were brought into their country by the US, NATO, France, UK and Qatar during the illegal war and coup against their sovereign country.

VIDEO McCain Backed Libyan Terrorist Abdulhakim Belhaj, Joins Hands with ISIS

A great article by Kurt Nimmo. More truth about Belhaj, NATO, CIA, John McCain and others who joined hands to illegally destroy the sovereign nation of Libya. As I have reported in the past, Belhaj is the most hated man in Libya.

CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya
Kurt Nimmo
March 4, 2015

Belhadj worked with U.S. and NATO to overthrow Gaddafi

ISIS Beheading Video in Libya HOAX

Yesterday, I got an email from a person with a degree in mixed media and well educated in the art of movie and film making, he did a short critique on the video that is very enlightening. He confirms as we all know that these videos were made, they are fake and most likely filmed by a hired advertising agency. Again the reason is to complete an agenda - control, fear and feed the military industrial complex.

ISIS Main Camp in Libya "Targeting Coordinates"

Today, I am publishing photographs passed to me by the intelligence inside the Egyptian tribes. These are snipets from Google earth and the bottom photo contains latitude and longitude. The Tribes of Egypt and Libya (working together) have provided the exact place of the main ISIS camp in Libya. I would not normally publish this information but I have found that passing it to the intelligence people in this country is not only a complete waste of time but it is the same as passing intel to the enemy. I do not say this lightly, I say this from direct experience.

Libya the Pawn in the Evil Zionist Game - VIDEO ISIS Beheading

Yesterday ISIS in Libya filmed their ruthless killing of 21 Egyptian Christians. Who and what is ISIS has been reported by many different sources and the shocking conclusion has to be that ISIS is a faction of the US Intelligence agency CIA. The ISIS head office is in Arizona, home state of Senator John McCain, the man who conveniently shows up on the ground in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other places supporting so called rebels who are well know radical Islamic psychopaths. (Al Qaeda, ISIS, LIFG, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and others).

Video Proof / US Troops on the Ground in Libya 2011

More Obama lies..he said the there were NO BOOTS on the ground in Libya in 2011

More shocking that the fact that there were US troops on the ground fighting in Libya during the 2011 NATO false flag operation against Libya, is the fact that the US was supporting the Al Qaeda mercenaries that were brought into Libya by the CIA (more than 250,000) from all over the Middle East and North Africa. This is now fully proven and made public by the Citizens Committee on Benghazi, Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily and other sources.

ISIS Controlling Sirte TV

Obama was shamed into declaring his fight against ISIS in Iraq because so many foreign nations have stepped forward to help, yet he and the world continue to turn a blind eye to the infiltration of ISIS into Libya. ISIS fully intends to take over all the natural resources of Libya and if this is not bad enough, Obama has secretly offered to recognize them as the legitimate government if they take control of all the oil fields.

ISIS Hits Libyan Oil Field


ISIS, the radical Islamic group now terrorizing the Middle East has made it presence known in Libya. Night before last, February 3, 2015, the Al Mabruk Oil field some 60 miles south of Sirte was attacked from 3 directions by approximately 200 vehicles of heavily armed ISIS mercenaries. During the attack approximately 12 people were killed, one of them was a Frenchman, there is being reported a number of hostages but that is still waiting confirmation.


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