January 1, 2014 More Missiles Fired on Libya

There were more missile attacks on Libya January 1, 2014. The Al Watia base near the Tunisian border was again hit with a number of missiles. The source of the missiles is not confirmed but the general consensus among the Libyan people is that it is from the USA. Al Watia is a weapons storage depot for Islamic Extremists groups. The second missile attack was made near Sabratha west of Tripoli on the coast. This attack was made on a training camp for Islamic Extremists.

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb Site

Breaking News Libya - December 27, 2013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al Watia base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”) The place that was hit housed Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood factions.

Russian Shot Down 2 US Missles Fired at Damascus on September 3, 2013

COPIED FROM A BLOG on "Friends of Abe" - GREAT INFORMATION - MUST READ - Now you can find videos regarding these reports on YouTube. Apparently, Israel recanted and said that they were "testing" missiles that day. Really? and fired them at Damascus? - You Decide


Reportedly, on 3 September 2013, Russia shot down two US ballistic missiles that were heading towards the Syrian coast, allegedly 'in the direction of Damascus'.

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