BREAKING Italian Army in Misurata Supporting Terrorists Against UN Security Council

The great tribes of Libya have informed me of the following:

The Italian Army remains in the Libyan city of Misurata, supporting the head of terrorism, the Turkish Mafia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Ansar al Sharia, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood et.al. This is against the National Security Council of the UN, demanding that all countries (foreigners) stay out of Libya's fight for their freedom from terrorists.

Criminal Misurata Militias -THIEVES In Tripoli

Today the criminals who call themselves "Misurata Militias" began to go door to door in Tripoli. They forced their way into people's homes and took what ever they wanted.

The Misurata Militias are the groups that were supported and armed by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama and others. They are made up of some of the 4% of Libyans that are radicals and other
mercenaries. They are now being supported (illegally) by Qatar and Turkey. This is the only way that they can survive as they are now the most hated group of criminals in Libya today.

Deborah Jones US Ambassador to Libya Colludes with Misurata Radical Islamic Mafia

The poor pitiful excuse of an Ambassador from the US to Libya, Deborah Jones has again shown that she is either a complete puppet for the Zionists or is the most stupid woman on the face of the earth. She has again colluded with the dark side in Libya. She has asked the Misurata Radical Islamic Mafia, aka "Libya Dawn" to protect the US Embassy in Tripoli while she is away hiding in Malta because the situation in Tripoli is too dangerous for her to remain.

URGENT Misurata Criminal Militias Plan to Use Poison Gas on Tripoli

The Misurata militias made up of criminals, terrorists, mafia and psychopathic mercenaries have stolen a store of poison gas from southern Libya and moved it close to their rats nest in Misurata to use against the innocent civilians in Tripoli. They moved the gas from where is was being stored in Al Jufra (Houn) - in south Libya. This gas was there before NATO invaded but had been under UN control so the west is fully aware of its existence but have done nothing to remove it.

VIDEO - Genocide of Black Libyans Continues by Misurata Extremists

Since the beginning of the illegal invasion, occupation and wag the dog false revolution in Libya, all radical Islamic groups have targeted black Libyans. First they claimed they were mercenaries but there were no mercenaries fighting on the legitimate Libyan side. NATO, Obama and Clinton on the other hand brought in 250,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries to illegally take over the sovereign nation of Libya.

Tripoli Under Seige - AGAIN - Video

Today in the city of Tripoli is the worst fighting since NATO invaded in 2011. The Misurata psychopaths have called in their fellow Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to come to Tripoli to fight with them. Their goal today is to take and own the entire city of Tripoli. Consequently, there has been fighting and bombing all over the entire city. The civilians in Libya are suffering beyond belief. These criminals are destroying infrastructure, electricity, water supplies; food and medicine cannot get into the city.

VIDEO of Fighting Around Tripoli Airport July 21, 2014

Video of the Misurata Al Qaeda militias (gangs) fighting against the Zentan tribe near the airport in Tripoli. This fighting continues now. The tribes are backing the Zentan tribe and there are huge losses in the Misurata al Qaeda militias. As many as 800 dead now most likely more. The media in Libya is lying about this to keep the families of the fighters quiet. They are reporting a total of 20 dead.

Libyan Popular Resistance Destroys 100+ Armed Vehicles of Misurata Terrorists

January 28, 2014

The great Libyan patriots of the resistance fighting the radical Islamists illegally occupying their country, are having great victories against evil. Today a 100+ (armed) vehicle convoy of these criminals was ambushed and destroyed some 70km from Sabha. The popular resistance is strong and their voice is strong to all Libyan patriots.

Report Below from Leaders of the Resistance:

The current situation today


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