Saif Al Islam Ghadafi

Senator Richard H. Black Congratulates Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi on Winning the Referendum

Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Moammar al Ghadafi, is the Libyan people"s choice for leader of Libya. I published the final results of a referendum in my previous article.

Virginia state Senator, Richard Black has sent his personal congratulations to Dr. Saif via the Great Tribes of Libya. Senator Black is a great humanitarian and a supporter of the Libyan people's right to choose their own leader.

I am posting his personal note below:

To: Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi December 19, 2018
From: Virginia Senator Richard H. Black

Libyans Celebrate, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi Announces Candidacy for President of Libya

The great tribes of Libya have confirmed to me personally that Dr. Saif Al Islam Al Ghadafi, second son of Moammar Al Ghadafi will run for President of Libya in the upcoming Libyan election in 2018. This announcement was reported in a number of media outlets,

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