Putin - Syria - Realities of the False War By Obama and NATO

Syria / the world stage / information not being reported in the US media. On what authority does Obama and NATO go into Syria? Russia has the invitation of Syria and the backing of the UN. The reason the US has nothing is because they are supporting the terrorist mercenaries just like they did in Libya.

Great article below, a must read by Sorcha Faal
October 4, 2015

Putin Orders Syrian Ground War To Begin As NATO Masses Forces

Syrian Jihadists Caught Trying to Sneak into Libya

35 Syrian Islamic radical jihadists were arrested today trying to sneak into Libya in the back of a large truck being driven by a Libyan national. This group was arrested on the Libyan - Algerian border near the city of Kapaau by the security forces of the city of Kapaau. These 35 illegal aliens and their driver are being held in jail in Kapaau as criminals all involved in illegal smuggling activities.

VIDEO Al Qaeda from Libya Terrorize Syrian Civilians

Abo Suheeb Allibi - a well known Al Qaeda terrorist from Libya (there are many terrorists flowing into Syria from Libya) is shown in this video terrorizing the local Syrian civilians. This kind of criminal behavior was supported and allowed in Libya during the NATO/US war there. The only difference was NATO was allowed to run 60,000 bombing raids against the Libyans and completely destroy their country. There was no Russia standing up for the innocents in Libya, thank God they are for Syria.

Russian Shot Down 2 US Missles Fired at Damascus on September 3, 2013

COPIED FROM A BLOG on "Friends of Abe" - GREAT INFORMATION - MUST READ - Now you can find videos regarding these reports on YouTube. Apparently, Israel recanted and said that they were "testing" missiles that day. Really? and fired them at Damascus? - You Decide


Reportedly, on 3 September 2013, Russia shot down two US ballistic missiles that were heading towards the Syrian coast, allegedly 'in the direction of Damascus'.

Libya weapons smuggled into Syria: United Nations

All the illegal US weapons that were passed to the NATO Al Qaeda mercenary "rebels" during the NATO war against Libya are being passed to Syria. Obama is supporting/arming/funding all Al Qaeda groups as they destroy sovereign nations like Libya, steal them blind, kill and torture the people, destroy the economies and live like kings. All this being done illegally using US money, CIA, weapons, ammunition, etc.

Official Document ~ Qatar Embassy Tripoli ~ Confirms Sending 1800 Islamic Extremists Trained in Libya to Fight in Syria

A copy of the official document of the Qatar Embassy in Tripoli confirming that 1800 Islamic Extremists (Al Qaeda) mercenaries trained in Libya will be sent via Turkey to Syria to fight with the Al Qaeda rebels against the legitimate government of Syria. It should be blatantly obvious to all by now, Qatar is in the middle of the illegal destruction and takeover of many sovereign nations in the Middle East and North Africa, the most recent being Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.

12 Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Syrian Rebels Captured in Turkey with Sarin Gas

This Article was published in the Turkish Newspaper in May of this year. It is reporting that 12 members of the Syrian Rebel Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) were arrested in Turkey and in their possession was 2kg of Sarin Gas. This reports goes on to say that there is an investigation now ongoing. However, this report has disappeared off of the internet and there is no discussion of these arrests anywhere in any political discourse.


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