Terrorist Khalifa Haftar Orders Voting Machines Destroyed in Libya

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Khalifa Haftar, criminal, terrorist, CIA operative and traitor has a dream to be the dictator/king of Libya. Haftar is well known to the Libyan people as a CIA operative, as he was taken out of North Africa, secretly by the CIA during the Chad wars in the 1970's because he had turned traitor to his own country and joined the dark side. When the side he was working for started to lose, the CIA, his new masters, lifted him out to Langley, VA, home of the CIA where he resided for over 35 years on the backs of the US tax payers. He was again dropped into Libya by the CIA in 2011 during the phony revolution to lead the 250,000 mercenaries brought into Libya by NATO and Clinton. After the complete destruction of Libya, both in government and infrastructure, and the death of a million Libyans with thousands illegally imprisoned and over 2 million in exile, Haftar switched sides to become the "savior" of Libya. This entire scheme was set forth by the CIA to put their operative in a leadership position and to fulfill Haftar's long time dream to be the dictator of Libya.

The situation in Libya is quite horrible for the average person these days, food is scarce and very expensive, electricity is on and off daily, medicine is very scarce and hospitals require CASH for any treatment. The Libyan Dinar has been destroyed and it takes 8 Dinar for 1 Dollar. Banks disperse very small amounts of cash while people wait in long lines sometimes for hours and even days. This continued attack on the Libyan people make them very vulnerable to bribes and easy for Haftar to exploit as the stage was set for the people to become desperate.

Haftar was able to wiggle himself into a semi leadership (using bribes and threats) position as the so called leader of the Libyan National Army. He assumed that all his past crimes against humanity, acts of terrorism, lies, theft and treason would be forgotten by the Libyan people. Even with the horrible situation in Libya, the people and the great tribes have not forgotten who Haftar really is.. They blame him, rightfully so, for the horrible mess they now find themselves. Because of this, Haftar has taken to killing those who oppose him, especially those that openly oppose him. He continues his acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity in his attempt to control the Libyan people. His latest crime is the destruction of voting equipment in Benghazi and other eastern cities. He knows that if the Libyan people get a vote that he does not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever be elected to anything. Haftar's only hope is to be self appointed to dictator of Libya, ergo, the destruction of the voting equipment.

This is actually a very childish move by Mr. Haftar. These kind of crimes are incredibly obvious of the agenda of a delusional megalomaniac.