Terrorists Now in Libya

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1-4-2013 | 22:28

The cover of the latest issue of the magazine "Al Ahram Al Arabi"

Names and full details .. 'Arab-Ahram' reveals the most dangerous al-Qaeda network in Libya

Full Abdullah Books - the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the second man after Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda in Pakistan last year, the unmanned aircraft was an American message to al-Qaeda in Libya, when penetrated in the joints of the state Libya after Gaddafi, this message by analysts summoned response .

The killing of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi months ago with three employees of the U.S. embassy to make matters ambiguous between the parties, if Washington was unable to prove link al-Qaeda in Libya this process in response to the killing of Abu Yahya, they launched a sharp attack on the regulations militant in North Africa during the war Mali.
And U.S. President Barack Obama admitted that America has 100 U.S. troops are helping the French troops and West in the war on Mali, accusing stores army Gaddafi that it was a treasure arms to these militants after the fall of the Libyan regime, and it came to an end recognition by the Western media that the killer in Mali is to organize Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, and in the heart of it al Qaeda and LIFG, the Government of Libya and its President on Zidane responded to the allegations that it closed the border between it and its neighbors to stop the flow of fighters after the battle of Mali.

On the other hand, said a military official Lippi newspaper «Cyrene Libya» that more than twenty drone penetrated the airspace Libya in the east of the country after the killing of the U.S. ambassador, called on the government to prevent a violation of sovereignty Libya even if it was one of the friends helped them to get rid of Gaddafi, or because and the existence of an agreement with these friendly countries to protect the border. This recognition summoned reply from the Prime Minister on Zidane, who has denied the flow of al Qaeda to his country after the war in Mali, and at the same time denied that the U.S. drones penetrate the airspace of Libya.

«Al Ahram Al Arabi» open this thorny issue, and reveal the presence of 14 senior commander of al-Qaeda in Libya, some of whom became in important positions state the new Libyan, which is in turn linked to policies allies who helped her to get rid of Gaddafi, and on top of these allies the United States, which continue its war against al-Qaeda drone in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, can be targeted to men in the organization of Libya and they Mnglglun in the joints of the state, after the end of the war on Mali and the presence of bases in Niger? And what will be the position of the Libyan government?
Increased recently in Libya, the influence of Islamist militants who they belong to the Libyan Fighting Group and some of them fought in the ranks of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere, where they arrived and the judge in the most important tools and devices Libyan state after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, particularly the security agencies of the Interior Ministry and Supreme Security Committee and councils cities and military councils, and instituted control of ports and airports, ministries and important buildings in Libya, and that they have their representatives within the corridors of the General National Congress.
And despite the fact that Libya's new rulers are facing great difficulties in imposing their authority over a large number of armed militias that participated in the overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011, which did not give up arms to now, despite the passage of more than a year after the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. They Libya's new leaders rely on those in the extension of state control and security. The majority of these groups consist of varying currents dominated by hardline religious current, and enjoy in the new Libya, a major and important role in governance, and the majority of those now in leadership positions and sensitive security in the new Libya. They also oversees the prisons in which arrests the symbols of the former regime, especially from being deported from the countries that handed over to Libya. Where they are detained in the prison of the plateau (college) in Tripoli, and they will investigate, arrest and all the security measures, and those attributed to them finally counts of serious human rights Panthecat and described a Libyan human rights organizations that they are not qualified to work private security prisons .. «Al Ahram Al Arabi published an important report on these leaders.

1 - Key الدوادي the - of Sabratha - Libya - Undersecretary of the Ministry auspices of the martyrs and the wounded and missing. The head of the military council to Sabratha - it was a political prisoner in Abu Salim Prison case Amir camp supporters in Afghanistan, a founder of the camp, a prince of this group and extends organized for the organization called Awad Mohamed Zawawi, who died in Abu Salim Prison from 1996 - and then fled الدوادي to Afghanistan, where he founded Ansar camp this guidance bin Laden, fame الدوادي between members of the organization in Afghanistan is Abu Abdul Ghaffar.

2 - Salah البركي - whose real name is Saleh Omran البركي and now is the head of the military council for the area of Abu Salim and its suburbs - from the city of Tripoli, an actual command for most of the Brigades - militias - Tripoli so-called Gneoh Alkkly, receives guidance from the Salah البركي a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and was a prisoner at Guantanamo Abu Salim - was wandering around the idea that the days of Afghanistan and is known there as Alqnba - has a brother had died in Abu Salim prison in 1996 - named Abdul Hakim البركي was in Afghanistan is also a nickname there, Abu Ayyub was arrested upon his return to Libya coming from Afghanistan in the year 1989.

3 - Ismail hardness and his brother Osama hardness of the area east of Libya residing in the city of Benghazi and two princes of the largest battalion in the eastern region and the name of the battalions - Martyrs February 17 - and Saraya Ruff God Alshata and Ansar al-Sharia, area Hawari in the city of Benghazi and them replace household in Benghazi.

4 - Nasser Telmun member of the National Guard and one of the most prominent leaders jailed plateau, a prison, who took him all the symbols system Muammar Gaddafi - as former Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi - and intelligence chief Libyan Abdullah Sanusi - The head of the external security - Abu Zaid Dorda - The commander of the Libyan army - Deterrence - Major lamp Laroussi and others Nasser Telmun from the Friday market of the city of Tripoli was a prisoner in Abu Salim prison - sentenced to death - and then went out in the amnesty reconciliation sought by the sword'm Muammar Gaddafi - one of the group al Qaeda, which was handed over to Libya, the country of Jordan, When he came out he and a group of Libyans from Afghanistan to Jordan and handed over to Libya, and the driver of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan prison plateau is one of the prisons that follow the National Guard and senior director of the National Guard is Khalid Sharif - mentioned Baldskh attached - and imprisoned plateau this under the control of al-Qaeda Most leaders This prison follow this organization - the commander of the prison, Colonel Mohamed blasted the latter was a prisoner in Abu Salim for 12 years in the case of al Awad Zawawi, which we have mentioned, the leader of al الدوادي a number.

5 - Hassan Rouge - the foundations of a national protection have been canceled this device after it has spread news that a group Takfir wal Hijra, best known for this device to slaughter all pray to him by the Libyan army, who were following the previous regime, a city of Derna eastern region and was a prisoner in Abu sound for 12 years.

6 - Abdul Wahab - is from the south of Libya and lived in the city of Tripoli and was in Afghanistan was the arm of Yemen, for Osama bin Laden and he is the brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi deputy of Osama bin Laden and Abdul Wahab is the Head of al-Qaeda groups in Libya now, has been nominated by the group to be a member in the National Congress and is now a member of the National Conference in Libya in order to facilitate all the political obstacles to al-Qaeda in Libya and abroad. He said that Abdul Wahab Hassan Kaid is the brother of Abu Bakr Hassan Kaid alias and known as Abu Yahya, a second man in al-Qaeda, and Abdul Wahab Kaid is the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, and the commander of the border guards and vital installations and Libyan strategy

7 - Sofiene Ben Gamo, Emir of Ansar al-Sharia battalion in Derna in eastern Libya, which was a driver for Osama bin Laden, the former al-Qaeda leader, which is required internationally.

8 - Salem Barrani Derby, an activist in al-Qaeda, has been prosecuted by the Libyan regime before, and was hiding in the mountains since 1996, and now came to lead a battalion of martyrs in Benghazi, and that there is a video tells the Barrani story prosecution of the former regime him.

9 - Mohamed Alderbuki is Mohammed Suleiman Alderboky born in 1971, came out of his own house, in the twenty years old, joined the group Islamic Fighting Group in Libya, took refuge in the mountains with the rest of the elements of the group after detecting the plot to assassinate the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to enter later in direct confrontation with the devices Security as long as several years, which resulted in the end to the killing of a large number of elements of the group, and remains Alderboky and two others in the mountains looking for them security in every inch of nearly six years, to reach them at the end of the matter to the negotiations for the return of the new life of the city in 2006. During revolution was Alderbuki one rebel field commanders on the Eastern Front.

10 - Abdel Baset Azzouz is one of the most brutal members of al-Qaeda, and the most cunning and deception, a Senior Advisor to Ayman al-Zawahri, the field commander of the organization in Libya, it is located in the city of Derna and is responsible for the introduction of groups of fighters from Afghanistan to Libya.

11 - Abdel Hakim Belhaj is Abdul Hakim Alkhoal de Belhaj graduate of civil engineering and after graduating immediately traveled to Afghanistan for jihad in 1988 participants in the Afghan jihad at the time and remained there for several years he joined the group the Libyan Islamic Fighting since the beginning of its establishment (any of the founders) at the beginning of the nineties, but After opening the cable left Afghanistan and traveled to twenty-two States, notably or rather most stay: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan. He returned to Libya in 1994 and began to rearrange the group and trained mountain green for processing for jihad against the system, but the system is pre-empted the group multiplying training centers in 1995 and killed her prince Abdul Rahman Hattab and could Abdelhakim Belhadj to leave Libya and return to Afghanistan, known Abdul Hakim Belhaj Throughout his jihadist as ( Abdullah Sadiq). Was chosen Abdel Hakim Belhaj (Abdullah Sadiq) emir of the Libyan Fighting Group in the rearrangement of the ranks of the group in Afghanistan, and Abu Hazim was chosen as his deputy, Abu Mundhir al-Saadi as a legitimate administrator, Khalid Al-Sharif as a security administrator. Belhadj now occupies a large role in Libya's new leadership in Tripoli Military Council which is fully controlled at Mitiga airport, where they are on the way import and export of arms and the entry of a large group of al-Qaeda members and leaders of his colleagues in Afghanistan.

12 - Abdul Hakim Alhsada a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, one of the city of Derna, too, has left Libya in 1995 to settle its place in Afghanistan, before returning to stability in Libya, Alhsada battalion commander «Martyrs of Abu Salim» Battalion, the largest in the tuber east of the country, and was seen as one of the most prominent leaders in the field. Despite his background and demanding permanent jihadist b «Arbitration Sharia» stepping cautiously Alhsada the work towards closer political Mahmoud Jibril, one of the symbols of the liberal trend in the country. The former leader of the Libyan group condemns the attack on the U.S. embassy, and says that «the American ambassador helped us during and after the revolution, and did this act must be punished.

13 - Mustafa Khalifa al-Saadi, who holds a master's degree in Islamic Studies from Pakistan in 1999 and a member of Scholars Libya, collaborator and member of the Fatwa and preacher in several mosques in Tripoli and the throwing many seminars inflammatory and lessons, and accused of involvement with al-Qaeda, and that the latter Abu Salim prison from 2004 to 2010, until he was released on August 20, 2011, to take over now as Minister of the so-called care of the families of martyrs and missing persons.

14 - friend Ghaithi was a cadre of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and confidant of bin Laden and a friend of Abdul Hakim Belhadj, was commissioned by the government functions to secure the border have been given large sums of money to spend to establish a private army, and therefore outside the scope of the General Staff and outside the budget of the Ministry of Defense and outside the control of the ministries of defense and interior, He accused by the defense minister of trying to assassinate the minister on the grounds that the Minister issued a decree for his dismissal from office.
Some Libyans living in the eastern regions The Alchddah ideas in fact spread over a wider range of that only Nhzareth between radical Islamic groups, regarding them as the fact that the United States failed in recognizing the wake attack Benghazi in سبتمر of the past, stressing not all extremists belonging to particular groups, which may create an opportunity for recruitment.

On February 15 last, Dr. Awad Barasi Vice Chairman Minister said that after the appointment of the Minister of Awqaf government will open the door to dialogue with militants in Libya by clerics and imams inside and outside the country, there is no way to resolve only peaceful means and dialogue.