Tribes of Libya Denounce UN Rep Gassan Salame' for Breach of Trust, Theft and Collusion

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The Great tribes of Libya have demanded that the UN representative for Libya, Mr. Gassan Salame" of Lebanon, be removed from his representation of Libya. Mr. Salame" is not a Libyan and was appointed to purely help with the political solution for peace in Libya. He has overstepped his authority and has invited a man who lived in Libya some 50 + years ago and is a Khazarian Zionist. Mr Salame" introduced Mr. Raphael Luzon to speak for the people of Libya at the UN. Mr. Luzon claims he is a Libyan Jew and demands that he be recognized as a Libyan citizen.

According to his website, Mr. Luzon says about himself:

"Raphael N. Luzon I was born in Bengasi, Libya. Thrown out of Libya after a bloody progrom during the “Six Day War”, he moved in 1967 to Rome, Italy, where he lived for 27 years. He then moved to live in Israel for 6 years (1995-2001)."

Anybody who looks up or remembers the "6 day war" will remember that Israel did a sneak attack on Egypt destroying their air force - "The Egyptians were caught by surprise, and nearly the entire Egyptian air force was destroyed with few Israeli losses, giving the Israelis air supremacy. Simultaneously, the Israelis launched a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip and the Sinai, which again caught the Egyptians by surprise. After some initial resistance, Nasser ordered the evacuation of the Sinai. Israeli forces rushed westward in pursuit of the Egyptians, inflicted heavy losses, and conquered the Sinai."

The reason Mr. Luzon chose to leave was because he supported Israel and their attack on Arab countries. He left voluntarily.

This man Mr. Luzon was invited back to Libya to view his families graves and home and was met by Ghadafi who treated him with respect. Today he is demanding that 3rd generations Jews born and living in Israel be allowed to come back visit Libya and he wants to be paid for any money that was lost by any Jew when they left Libya. He calls himself the Palestinians of Libya all the while defending Israel in their genocide and theft of Palestine and her people. Quote Mr. Luzon: "To this day, I do not know where my uncle and my grandmother were killed. They are buried somewhere, and we were never given a chance to say a prayer over their graves. What are you talking about? A passport? I don’t care about a passport. Give me my right! Afterwards, we will give the Palestinians their rights."

Shame on you Mr. Luzon, it is no wonder the Libyan tribes have issued the following statement about you to Mr. Gassam Salame:

To Mr. Ghassan Salama / Head of the International Support Committee for Libya

The Libyan people have been most offended by your suspicious actions by meeting Mr. Rafael Luzon stating he is the representative of the Libyan Jewish community.

Perhaps you are unaware that this sect left VOLUNTARILY from Libya, in stages, after the establishment of the Zionist entity (Israel) in 1948, and the last of them left after the Six-Day War, June 1967, at the instigation of the International Jewish Agency. And it is not as they falsely claim that their exit was the time of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, - may God have mercy on him

And this sect denounced its Libyan nationality and acquired the nationality of the countries in which it resided, such as the Zionist entity (Israel), Italy and America. If this door opens to all entities that have origins in Libya, then be ready to meet representatives from many countries. Fayoum. And the lake. And Burj Al Arab is derived from the Arab Republic of Egypt. In addition to the south of Tunisia, southwestern Algeria, northern Niger and Chad..these number is estimated in millions.

What you have done is considered outside of your assigned tasks which are limited to providing support to solve the political problem in Libya.

And that solving the Jewish issue is the sole responsibility of the Libyans, it is possible to open its file and set controls for it after the stability of the state and building its constitutional institutions in the presence of a government and parliament elected by the people.

Finally, I warn you against the consequences of your provocative actions against the Libyan people. Their patience has reached its end. Specifically since you did not help the Libyan people, your actions worsened the situation throughout your appointment, which is close to three years . It is proven that you wasted the Libyan people's money, estimated at 250 (two hundred and fifty million dollars) annually, and fortunately for you, you are the only one who lives in peace.

And peace be upon those who follow guidance

Ali musbah Abo Sobheah
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the tribes, cities and villages of Fezzan

Released to Mr. Gassan Salame' UN representative

In Arabic:
على مصباح أبوصبيحة إجتهد و وصل إلى قرار قاطع مع المجلس الأعلى للقبائل الشريفة، و قرروا الأتي:-
----رسالة مفتوحة---.
الى السيد غسان سلامة /رئيس لجنة الدعم الاممي لليبيا
بعد التحية.
ان اكثر ما أساء الشعب الليبي من اعمالك المشبوهة لقاؤك برفائيل لوزون بصفته كممثل لطائفة اليهود الليبين.
ولعلك تجهل ان هذه الطائفة خرجت من ليبيا طواعيةو على مراحل بعد انشاء الكيان الصهيوني سنة 1948 وآخرهم خرج بعد حرب الايام الستة يونيو 1967 بتحريض من الوكالة اليهودية العالمية. وليس كما يدعون زورا وبهتانا‘ ان خروجهم كان زمن الزعيم الراحل معمر القذافي رحمه الله
و هذه الطائفة تنازلت عن جنسيتها الليبية واكتسبت جنسية البلدان التي اقيمت بها مثل الكيان الصهيوني وإيطاليا وأمريكا.. واذا فتح هذا الباب لكل الكيانات التي لها اصول بليبيا فكن على استعداد لمقابلة ممثلين عن محافظات. الفيوم. والبحيرة. وبرج العرب ومطروح من جمهورية مصر العربية. بالاضافة الي الجنوب التونسي وجنوب غرب الجزائر وشمال النيجر وتشاد..وهؤلاء يقدر عددهم بالملايين..
*ان ماقمت به يعد خارجا عن اختصاصاتك المكلف بها والتي تنحصر في تقديم الدعم لحل المشكلة السياسية في ليبيا.- الا اذا كانت لك اختصاصات سرية غير معلنة-.. كما يعد ذلك تعد على السيادة الوطنية.. وزيادة في تأزيم المسالة الليبية وإطالة امد حلها..
وان حل ألمسألة اليهودية من اختصاص الليبيون وحدهم يمكن فتح ملفها ووضع ضوابط لها بعد استقرار الدولة وبناء مؤسساتها الدستورية في وجود حكومة وبرلمان منتخبين من الشعب..
* ختاما احذرك من مغبة تصرفاتك المستفزة للشعب الليبي. والتى بلغت منتهاها. خاصة وانك لم تزيد المسألة الليبية الا سوءا وطوال فترة وجودك التى قاربت على الثلاثة سنوات.. فيكفيك مااهدرته من اموال الشعب الليبي والمقدرة ب. 250 مائتي وخمسين مليون سنويا .. وغادر بسلام غير مأسوفا عليك.

والسلام على من اتبع الهدى

على مصباح ابوسبيحة
رئيس المجلس الاعلى لقبائل ومدن وقرى فزان

صدر بالشاطئ