Tripoli - UN Puppet Government Attempts to Include Moriarty's in Media Scheme

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This week we received a so called "final draft" of what is being called a "FOREIGN MEDIA" Brochure/plan for Tripoli. This plan is being put together by a Washington DC Lobby group known as the BGR Group. The BGR Group is made up of Washington DC deep state criminals who were part of the destruction of the sovereign nation of Libya. One of their directors is R. James Woosley Jr., past director of the CIA. This group is working with and hired by the UN puppet government led by Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj, appointed by the UN and secreted into Libya by the dark of night to carry out the control of Libya by his Khazarian UN masters. He is a criminal in his own right and so is his family whom he has appointed to high positions. He and his puppet government are not supported by the Libyan people, in fact he is greatly disliked by the majority of the Libyan Tribes who represent the Libyan people.

The plan called "Foreign Media" is outlined in a brochure I have attached to this article. Inside the brochure you will find on page 16 a photo of myself and my husband Jimmy. They put us in this brochure without our consent or knowledge. Understand this, we are trusted by the Great tribes of Libya who represent all the Libyan people, because we were with them in Tripoli while the blood ran in the streets. We are eyewitnesses to the war crimes, lies and crimes against humanity committed by the UN/US/NATO against the sovereign people and country of Libya.

The UN/US/NATO terrorist mercenaries (al Qaeda, ISIS, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.) committed and continue to commit crimes against the Libyan people. We must understand that the BGR Group also represents these terrorist groups.

As you read the brochure, you will see that this is an attempt to take over the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli, thus putting the criminals in charge of the Foreign media and Foreign Relations in Libya (all being run by the BGR Group in DC).

In 2011, 250,000 of these terrorist mercenaries were brought into Libya and were supported (armed, trained and funded) by Hillary Clinton, Obama and their Khazarian new world order cabal. They remain in Libya to this day, being armed and funded by the Khazarian mafia via Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These are the groups that are working with the UN puppet Serraj and his illegitimate government. These are the people they are attempting to align us with, we are shocked and outraged. Either they are attempting to blacken us in the eyes of the Libyan people or make the Libyan people trust them by attempting to tie themselves to us. Either way, it will never happen.

We have sent a formal "Cease and Desist" order to the BGR Group in Washington DC. The Serraj government representatives have received a copy as well as Sheik Ali Alahwel, Supreme Leader of the Tribes, Sheik Khaled Tantush, Leading Imam in Libya, Sheik Falah a leader of the Saudi Tribes and Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the soon to be new leader of Libya after the country wide election this spring. You will see that formal "Cease and Desist" attached to this article.

There would never be a time in our lives that we would ever associate ourselves with such horrible people as the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), ISIS, Daesh or any other terrorist organization. We know that they are supported by the CIA, we know that they are responsible for the theft of billions of dollars, the death of over a million Libyans, the continued theft of Libyan resources and the oppression and control of the Libyan people by force.

We know that this Washington DC group, the UN puppet Serraj and these terrorist mercenary gangs do not represent the Libyan people. We stand with the Libyan people as they stand with us. We know their hearts and they know ours.