The True Benghazi Story Revealed - Chris Stevens was Assassinated

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We have been working with the Libyan tribes now since 2011. When Chris Stevens was killed, the tribes called us and stated that the perpetrators were in a certain hospital in Benghazi and the US could catch them if they would go to this hospital. We had no one to tell, no one was interested. The tribes later called back and told us that the perpetrators had shaved their beards and dressed in western closes, they were in cars (they described) headed to Cairo, they said the US could catch them on the road. Again, no one to call.

A few days after Chris Stevens was killed, the Libyan tribes passed to us the official security report of the then Libyan government. They had captured some of the men involved and interrogated them, they learned that Morsi, the Clinton installed leader of Egypt, was the organizer, funder and facilitator of the attack. That report was given to Dr. Jerome Corsi, who was working at World Net Daily and it was published by WND. That report was subsequently read into the Congressional Record.

As time went on, the tribes brought forth an eye witness who lived across the street from the CIA safe house compound. This young man told his story and answered questions on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, January 13, 2014.

Later, the US State Department made an offer of a !0 million dollar reward for anyone offering the names of the perpetrators. The Libyan tribes again called us and offered the 3 names of the perpetrators. They said that the families of the 3 killers of Stevens were so ashamed of their sons that they were giving out their names. We tried to offer these names to Congressmen, Senators, the State Department but no one was interested. We told the Libyan not to pass the names to us as it was very dangerous for us to have these names.

On February 23, 2019, we were contacted by a private investigator for a large DC law firm. This investigator's name is Trevor Hewick. Mr. Hewick told us that he was working for an attorney named Matthew Peed who was defending a Libyan man named Moustafa al Imam who was being charged with the planning and carrying out of the attack on Chris Stevens. He said he had followed us on the internet and had come to the conclusion that we were the only people who could get directly into Libya. He said that the attorney Peed was given millions by the court to defend al Imam so they would pay us for all of the expenses incurred by us and the Libyans. He also stated that we would be paid a very nice hourly fee. He said if the attorney would not pay us then he would our of his own pocket.

Because we have been targeted and soft killed, had everything taken from us, we live in an old run down little house in deep southeast Texas, The house is our only chance to have a roof over our head at this time but it is full of mold and very hard on our health. So, the promise of a decent payday gave us hope that we could move to a better place and get out of the mold. We told him we contact the tribes.

Upon contacting the tribes, they told us first that Imam was not even a Libyan, he was a Palestinian. We asked them if they could get the information of the real perpetrators to help Mr. Hewick with his investigation. They told us they could but it would cost some money because their would be travel involved and other costs. The information could not be sent to them electronically due to monitors in Libya. We contacted Mr. Hewick and he stated that was no problem at all that they allotted a budget of $30,000 for our work.

With that done, we began to gather the information. I am not going to write down all the details because it is too easy to get good people in trouble. One of our close friends lost his mobile phone and laptop due to being tagged by the NSA listening devices set in Libya. He was warned by the tribes security and told to leave them in a net cafe which he did and shortly there after a kill squad showed up. We told Mr. Hewick this problem and he stated that they would replace his lost electronics no problem.

In order to retrieve the information there was a money outlay to pay for transportation and commodities needed. We borrowed from some Libyans here in the US and from some close friends (none of which had money to spare but we were promised repayment no problem) to get the project finished. In the end we received a video testimony of one of the perpetrators. This video was taped in Morocco as we were told and was televised but was immediately taken down, never to be seen again. The Libyan tribes had a hidden copy.

This video is a complete story of the planning and execution of the killing of Chris Stevens. We had a rough translation from our Libyan friends. He names all the names of the Libyans, the 3 outside perpetrators and the 3 inside killers. With this in hand we went back to Mr. Hewick who asked up to send him an invoice for costs. We sent the invoice. Mr. Hewick came back to us and stated that the attorney Peed wanted to see all the information before he would pay. Well, that was not going to happen because once he has the information he has no incentive to pay. We agreed to send the translation of the tape with all the names but we did not agree to send the video until we were paid.. Mr. Hewick said he would pass that on and get back to us. That is the last we heard from Mr. Hewick, who does not answer his phone or emails now. We contacted the Judge and asked him if he would accept the information and he declined.

A few days after Mr. Hewick dropped off the air and no one else will speak to us, our computers were attacked and we lost our hard drive and when attempting to reinstall the software it was compromised. Obviously, this was a deep state sting on us to see just how much intelligence we could get and to exercise any possible monetary help we could have had. At that point we made the decision we needed to make all the information we had public to protect ourselves if nothing else.

The video shows a diagram of the plan and even if you do not speak Arabic, you will understand,

The man speaking on the video is named Omar Abd Assalam Al Battai. Below is a rough translation of what he said.

* He with leaders from the17 Feb Brigade (Ansar Al Sharia terrorists)..... with Emad Shaagabi, .Ahmed Abo Khattala, Ahmed Annouss and Mohamed Ben Ahmeed.
* This group agreed with 4 guards - 1 USA and 3 Libyan to attack the compound for 30 minutes and then to will allow their group to come in
* Then they came in and went directly to the room of US Ambassador where they found him trying to get to his car. They caught him and strangled him to death .
* The group that killed the Ambassador names are Omar Alla Ajeeli, Mohamed Assanousi and Abdulla Al Gadar.

Below you will find a trail of evidence that forms a story of what happened to Chris Stevens. There is still to this day a reward of $5million dollars to anyone who can bring forward information about the September 11, 2012 attack. However, the offer of a cash reward is nothing but smoke as there is no way anyone can contract with the government because there is never an answer on any phone number they publish. BUT, they had no problem paying $7 million dollars to one of their Libyan stooges for his information on Khattala and the other one they have now, al Imam (the scapegoat).

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