Turkey Caught Sending Illegal Vehicles to Terrorist Militias in Libya

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As being reported by the Libyan Observatory Newspaper, Tuesday February 5, 2019

Libya - On Tuesday, the port authorities seized a shipment of four-wheel-drive vehicles from Turkey. ***See photos below***

A source from the port told the observatory that the shipment consisted of nine "Toyota Sierra" armored attack vehicles with Turkish-made armored combat vehicles.

He stressed that the shipment is coming from a Turkish port without any documents or a specific extradition destination in Libya, such as the Ministry of Defense or Interior, which means that it is a resource for the benefit of a militia or armed groups unknown unless proven otherwise.

The seizure comes a few weeks after the port authorities seized tons of arms and ammunition from Turkey to parties in Libya not disclosed by the attorney general or the presidential council, which promised to open an investigation. Link to original article below

My comments,

Turkey continues it's illegal activities in Libya. Recently tons of arms and ammunition were intercepted at the port, being brought into Libya for the sole purpose to arm the criminal militias that are holding Libya down from being secure and sovereign again. These vehicles in the above report, have one purpose and that is to help the terrorist mercenaries and gangs maintain their illegal hold on Tripoli and other parts of Libya. These terrorists follow no rule of law, they take what they want, they destroy what they want, they imprison or kill whom they do not like.

The terrorist gangs (referred to a militias) are only able to hold onto Tripoli and other parts of Libya because of the support of terrorist states like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These terrorist supporting countries are committing crimes against humanity every day. They are tied to slave trading, rape, theft of homes, cars, houses, oppression, and illegal imprisonment. They have stolen entire areas of Libya and keep many legitimate Libyans homeless and hungry.

These gangs of terrorists are the proxy army of the new world order, they are being used to keep Libya a failed state.

Finally the port authorities in Libya are gaining the ability to do something about all the smuggling into Libya by criminal states.

If the world is going to do something about terrorists, jihadists and other radical groups, they had better start by shutting off the funding and arming of them by countries that support terrorism.

Link to article: https://almarsad.co/2019/02/05/%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%88%D8%B1-%D9%...

Turkey supporting terrorism in Libya