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On the 26th of June, 2019, the Terrorist Militias of the UN puppet government in Tripoli (GNA) attacked the Libyan city of Gharyan and the Libyan National Army Headquarters in that city. They were led by Turkish Military advisors, some Turkish troops and bombed using Turkish Drones out of Misurata and Tripoli. The destruction of parts of Gharyan and the military headquarters was criminal and intentional and horrific. But it did not stop there. The terrorist militias invaded the city of Gharyan and committed atrocities against the wounded and captured soldiers and some of the innocent civilians. http://www.addresslibya.com/en/archives/47693?fbclid=IwAR3Lbs6YR4cIGlk_j...

The terrorists of the UN puppet government went into the hospitals where the wounded civilians and soldiers were taken and where the terrorists continued their crimes. The wounded soldiers were tortured, raped and assassinated. These crimes against humanity are the same as those committed against the Libyan people in 2011 by these same terrorist mercenaries brought into Libya by NATO and supported by the NATO and the western countries. The reports of these crimes which have been confirmed by the receipt of the bodies of the tortured soldiers to Benghazi, has shocked and enraged the Libyan people and the Libyan National Army. These are WAR CRIMES, against all international law. http://www.addresslibya.com/en/archives/47690?fbclid=IwAR2thdQSGG8V-UDa0...

The attack on Gharyan was coordinated by ranking Turkish military who at the time had their headquarters in the Al Mahari Hotel in Tripoli. (Radisson Blu). They have since moved their headquarters to the Mitiga Airport (old US Wheelus Air force base). Erdogan, has blatantly and against all international agreements, sent his army and his weapons into Libya to support TERRORISM and the world TURNS A BLIND EYE. In the past few weeks Turkey has moved some thousands of terrorist mercenaries from Syria to Libya. http://www.addresslibya.com/en/archives/47673?fbclid=IwAR2O90riEF2OJNznj...

Also, in the middle of these crimes is Fayez al-Serraj, leader of the GNA (government of national accord) an unelected, self- imposed, terrorist supported, illegitimate UN puppet government in Tripoli. Serraj has been funneling stolen Libyan money to the terrorist militias to desperately try and hang onto his illegitimate position in Tripoli as he has no support from the people of Libya. The other illegitimate group is the so called High Council of State, (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى للدولة‎), also known as the Supreme Council of State. This is a completely PHONY and ILLEGITIMATE organization. They claim their legitimacy by using the same defunct agreement as the UN puppet government (Libyan Political Agreement). In reality they have nothing, they have no agreement with either government in Libya. But the worst part about these criminals is that they are all terrorists. They are made up exclusively of the criminal terrorist garbage called MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. The attack on Gharyan was supported and initiated by a man named Abdulrahman Sewehli. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdulrahman_Sewehli He is supposedly the head of the criminal "High Council of State" and is heavily involved with the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist organization that wants to continue their illicit control of Libya, her people and assets.

The result of this attack has caused a couple of things to occur.
1. Mass media LIES about who attacked, what they found and who is winning in Libya between the terrorist and the Libyan people represented by the LNA (Libyan National Army). One of these reports put out by the New York Times (written obviously by the puppets of the New World Order cabal) https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/28/world/africa/libya-american-missiles....
attempts to make a point that some US missiles were found in the arsenal of the LNA that supposedly came from the UAE. In the report they state that the US is supporting the UN puppet government (not true) and refers to the terrorist militias as "pro government fighters" a cute turn of phrase leading people to believe that they are the good guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. The report declares that the use of US weapons is prohibited and the state department will be investigating. Well, investigate this State Department. The deployment of over 20,000 Northrup Grumman shoulder mounted rockets to Libyan in 2011. These rockets were passed to the terrorist mercenaries by the Hillary Clinton State department that in actuality purchased 50,000 such rockets in 2010 and are now all missing! These criminal acts resulted in the assassination of Chris Stevens who was involved in the missile transfers. The report is a complete and utter farse, typical reporting by the Khazarian Zionist controlled media.

** and on a personal note from the author.... when the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) was in our home in 2013. The top interrogator for the DIA, Eric Maddox was the DIA agent in our home. We put him on Skype with some of the tribal leaders and with some Generals of the then scattered Libyan National Army. They gave him the actual co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) of the terrorist leaders, their headquarters, where they slept, where their weapons were hidden etc. They asked for aid from the US to help rid the country of these radical terrorists. The answer was nothing, no help, so the next question was can you send your snipers in to take out these criminals, we will provide the co-ordinates? Answer again was "no". So they asked if the US would supply them with sniper rifles and they would take out the terrorists themselves. Then came the most incredible answer from Eric Maddox: "the US does not send arms to any country"!!!! Even the Libyan General had to laugh. Maddox then said, it is your country why don't you take out the terrorists? The General answered, you put them here, you destroyed our country and army, you come and take them out"!

2. The complete outing of the truth of the who the terrorist militias really are (they have no humanity) and the truth that they are being fully supported, armed, funded and led by Turkey and the Turkish army. Qatar is also supplying and arming the terrorist militias.

3. Rising anger by the Libyan National Army and the Libyan people about the atrocities committed by these criminals and how deep the Turkish army has gotten into Libya. The LNA and the people will no longer allow Turkey into Libya, they will not longer allow Turkish ships in their waters, they will not longer allow Turkish planes in their airspace. The Libyan National Army has put out a formal statement. See below:

The Libyan National Army General Command issued the following statement on Saturday morning:

“While the Libyan National Army forces are fighting terrorism on the Libyan territory, our country has been under Turkish logistical support for years, and these days this has evolved into direct Turkish intervention by using warplanes, transporting mercenaries, and sending ships loaded with arms, ammunition, and armored vehicles to support terrorism in Libya.

"Therefore, the General Command of the Libyan National Army has ordered the Air Force to target Turkish ships and boats within Libya’s territorial waters. The Interim Government must expel all Turkish companies operating in Libya and terminate their operations in all projects on Libyan territory, boycotting the Turkish industries and products, and stop civil flights to and from Turkey to Libyan airports as a response to this Turkish terrorist aggression.”

Link: http://www.addresslibya.com/en/archives/47686

The truth of the war in Libya is this, if Turkey and Qatar were stopped from army and funding terrorists in Libya, the LNA would cleanse the country in a short time and put security back in place for the Libyan people. There is no support in Libya for radicals, terrorists, militias or any other form of mafia (they must get their support from outside). There is no support in Libya for the GNA-UN puppet government who, by the way, has no army their only fighters are terrorist mercenary militias. All the great tribes of Libya, representing all the Libyan people, support their army and the cleansing of these horrific terrorists in their country The Libyan people do not support radical Islam, they do not support terrorists, they do not want the Muslim Brotherhood in their country. The western New World Order Cabal destroyed peaceful Libya, they put these criminals in power. It has been 8 years of suffering for the Libyan people, it is now time for the world to stand up and help stop Turkey and Qatar from supporting terrorism. This affects the entire world and people must stand or they will find these terrorists in their country, if they are not there already.

LNA Statement Regarding Turkey Criimes