Turkish Parliament Votes to Invade Libya, Greece and Egypt to Block by Air and Sea

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"Turkish parliament approves invasion of Libya" 1/2/2020

ANKARA – Turkey’s parliament on Thursday authorized the government to send troops to Libya to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

The mandate passed with the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its far-right ally, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the conservative Good Party voted against.

Turkish legislators approved the motion 325-184 at Thursday’s emergency session; thus granting a one-year mandate for the deployment, despite concerns that Turkish forces could aggravate Libya’s conflict further and destabilize the region.

The resolution gives the president the authority to “decide on the limit, extent, quantity and timing, to conduct, if necessary, military operation and intervention.”

It comes after GNA requested Turkish military support in December.
Link: https://www.addresslibya.co/en/archives/52874
As shocking as it can be in the 21st century, Erdogan thinks he will be the leader of the new "Ottoman Empire" starting with Libya. Erdogan is playing fast and loose with his intentions the result of which is that all of the Maghreb (N. Africa) and other countries bordering Libya (Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Niger, Sudan) are on alert. Other countries in the Mediterranean are also on alert (Greece, Cyprus, Italy).

At one time in its past Libya was part of (ruled by) the Ottoman Empire which was known as one of the most ruthless empires to ever exist. The great tribes of Libya speaking for all the Libyan people have stated that Turkey will never take Libya again and Turkish boots will never be allowed on Libya soil. Libya has become united.

Other countries in the region have begun to speak out and take action. Egypt led by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called an emergency meeting of the Arab League that has condemned all foreign interference in Libya especially those foreign countries supporting terrorism.

As confirmed to me by the Libyan tribes today in a joint statement Egypt and Greece (and Cyprus) have joined together in naval exercises near the official Libya waters. They will be in the area that the Turkish forces will have to pass through to reach Libya. The Egyptian navy (largest in Africa) and the Greek Navy will stop the Turkish Navy from reaching Libyan ports. The reason for this action is obvious, as stated many times by the President of Egypt, Libya's security is Egypt's security. Turkey is the home of terrorism, it is the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey taking Libya by force would open all surrounding countries to be targets of terrorists who would flow in from Libya just like they flow into Syria and Iraq from Turkey today. All countries surrounding Libya stand against Turkey and with the Libyan National Army.

Yesterday the legitimate government of Libya in Tobruk demanded that the Libyan National Army target the headquarters of the treasonous Muslim Brotherhood GNA regime of Sarraj. To invite a foreign force to invade your country is the highest act of treason. The Libyans use the word "shame", they say Sarraj is their great SHAME.

Today Libyan National Army released this statement:

"Major-General al-Mabrouk al-Ghezwi, Commander of Dignity Operations Room of the Libyan National Army, warned against the use of the Tripoli Port by the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord to receive Ottoman occupation soldiers and terrorists. I warn the colonial and puppet government (GNA) against using the port of Tripoli to bring in the soldiers of the Ottoman occupation and terrorists to our country, as this is in violation of the international laws in force in this regard.”

“If that happens, the port will be then considered a target for the LNA Air Force and artillery,”

As for the Libyan National Army, they are making progress inside Tripoli, they are very close to the Abu Salim prison near the center of Tripoli. As they advance, they are fighting hard against the terrorist mercenaries that were brought into Libya (illegally) using the airplanes of Abulhakem Belhaj. Belhaj is a well known Libyan terrorist (founder of LIFG) who became a billionaire with stolen Libya money when he joined NATO, Clinton, McCain, Obama et.al. in the destruction of Libya in 2011. He now resides in Turkey as do all criminals and terrorists.

As Libya watches the US begin to cause more unrest and more war in Iraq, they understand that the US has done absolutely nothing to bring democracy or rebuild Iraq or Libya. The power grids have not been rebuilt, the sewer treatment plants have not been rebuilt, their infrastructure has not been repaired and on and on. Warfare continues in both countries, Ongoing economic warfare by de monetized currencies have eliminated any chance for the countries to rebuild themselves. The Libyan people have limited clean water, no medicine, little food, little fuel etc., etc. The Libyan tribes and people look at Iraq and say to themselves we will continue to fight because if we do not that is our future.

Shame on the US, it is further proving itself to be the EVIL empire all the while congratulating itself for horrendous crimes against humanity.