UN Continues to Criminally Destabilize Libya

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The saga of the criminal destruction and destabilization of the sovereign nation of Libya continues.

During the past few months, the Green Resistance (the movement against the criminals illegally occupying Libya by force) has come to control more than 80% of Libya. This movement is backed by the majority of all the Libyan tribes. As they encroach slowly upon the last area controlled by the radical Islamic terrorist militias and the UN puppet government, fear is creeping up on the criminal occupiers. Fear of loss, fear of retribution, fear of prosecution for crimes against humanity, war crimes and theft of the assets belonging to the Libyan people. This fear has caused these criminals to make stupid, spur of the moment decisions that shows just how desperate they have become and who they really are...

The appointed President of the UN Puppet Government (so called Unity Government or Al-Wefaq in Arabic) is named Faiez Al-Serraj, he is aligned with all of the criminal mercenaries and radical militias in Libya. The UN puppet government has no authority under Libyan law, was not elected but gained his position from the UN in a meeting in Tunisia. The people of Libya did not recognize this puppet government and refused to allow it inside Libya, so the UN sneaked this group of criminals into Tripoli in the middle of the night by boat and declared them the "Internationally recognized" government. This is quite convenient for the US and UN as anytime the US wants to bomb Libya or drop into Libya and pick up Libyan citizens, they state that the "internationally recognized" government has given them permission.

A short history on the UN puppet government and their members - Quote: Dr. Saif al Ghadafi
" in complement of its series of crimes against the Libyans, the Western countries have appointed a war criminal who was responsible for the destruction of Bani Walid and killing of its children, "Abdul- Rahman Al-Swehli" as a head of Libya’s highest authority, the State Council and appointed his nephew, "Ahmed Maiteeq" 44 Vice President, his niece "Nihad Meitiq" 45 General Director of the Foreign and his brother in law, Faiez Al-Serraj, head of the presidential Council."

Seeing his end in sight, Serraj, decided to solicit/bribe with 50 million Libyan Dinars (stolen Libyan money), a man named Osama al-Juwaili (a rubbish rat who turned on his own people and country) to lead his militias and mercenaries in an attack against the Wershaffana tribe. The Wershaffana tribe is the 2nd largest tribe in Libya and is from Tripoli and the surrounding areas. This tribe controls the gates of Tripoli and the small surrounding towns. al Juwaili is a well known criminal in Libya and is a part of the Zentan tribe. It should be noted that he is in a break away small radical group from the main Zentan tribe. He was fighting with Khalifa Haftar (CIA operative) at the beginning of the 2011 invasion of Libya when Haftar was leading the mercenaries and radicals against the legitimate government of Libya. When Haftar changed sides (big question here) and started fighting the same mercenaries, al Juwaili broke away and started his own militias. al Juwaili is aligned with the Zionists that destroyed Libya, his main connection is with a man named Bernard Levy, well known Zionist who shows up in every country that the Zionist cabal has targeted for destruction. http://libyanwarthetruth.com/israel-involvement-fake-revolution He is also aligned with the terrorist Belhaj, the LIFG, the Misurata militias, the UN puppet government and other radical militia groups working hand in hand with the Zionists/UN attempting to keep Libya broken.

These criminal gangs and puppet governments have kept all resources away from the people of Libya and the tribes all the while becoming millionaires and billionaires. Try to understand, it is like some criminal moved into your home, took over all your bank accounts, your food, water, medicine, fuel, etc. They allowed you nothing but a crumb to live on, meanwhile they were stealing all your wealth, locking you in rooms for years without medical care, raping your daughters and sons and acting as if everything you owned is theirs, including the right to negotiate on your behalf. This is how Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Sarkozy, Obama and the Zionist Cabal continue to destroy the lives and homeland of Libya. You can imagine the frustration for the Libyan people as they fight to regain their homeland, and are still being embargoed from purchasing weapons by the UN, meanwhile the criminals are fed billions and supplied with any weapons they desire.

The Wershaffana tribe struggled with disagreements inside their council as to their loyalties, etc., in 2011. But, today the biggest majority of the Wershaffana are pro Green, they stand with the Green resistance against the radical militias and puppet governments. They are a strong tribe with a strong militia arm led by General Omar Tantush. Because of the threat made against the Wershaffana tribe by the criminals occupying Libya, all the Libyan tribes are now supporting their Wershaffana brothers. Instead of separating the tribes, it has brought them closer.

This is the UN, this is the New World Order, they steal the assets of a country and use the stolen money to control and destroy. They are war criminals of the highest order, they are thieves, liars and rapists. The crimes that they commit against humanity are innumerable, they are the bane of the planet.

We stand with the great tribes of Libya in their struggle against the criminal NWO cabal that is continuing to poison their land. They will win and in that beautiful North African country, we will see a victory for all mankind.