UN Envoy - Saif Al Islam Ghadafi Can Run For President of Libya

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The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame (from Lebanon), has released a bit of information about his upcoming plan for Libya. He states that there is a 3 step plan culminating in a general election for the country in 2018. This will be an election for President and Parliament. He confirmed that all Ghadafi loyalists including and especially his son, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi will be free to participate.

Of course it is absurd to think that the Libyan people need permission from the UN to hold an election and decide who can run in that election. The best news about this statement is that it ignores the worthless ICC (International Criminal Court) and their phony charges against Saif Al Islam. It proves the ICC is not respected and their opinion is not relative to anything happening in Libya.

Also, I must comment that the Great Tribes of Libya have their own schedule for this election which may or may not meet the schedule of the UN. The bottom line is that there is only one solution to bring peace and security back to Libya and her people - that is via the Green Resistance and the return of Libya to the great Jamahiriya. In Libya you will find 95% of the people now back this movement and support Saif Al Islam Ghadafi as their leader. There is no support and never has been for radical Islamists, terrorists, Muslim Brotherhood or any other western supported armed control of Libya.

Below is a copy of the original article posted on September 24, 2017 in "The Libyan Observer" written by AbdulkaderAssad

Saif Gaddafi can run for Libya President, says UN envoy

"The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has disclosed a little bit bold detail about his upcoming action plan in Libya; that is, allowing Moamar Gaddafi's loyalists and ex-regime officials to run for parliamentary and presidential elections.In a one-on-one interview with France 24, Salame said ex-regime and Gaddafi loyalists, including Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, can be part of the forthcoming political process under the auspices of the United Nations."Parliamentary and presidential elections must be open for all." He remarked.

Elections' laws shouldn't cherry-pick who must or mustn't be part of them, Salame indicated, saying Gaddafi-era officials can partake and "I myself held talks with them in public," he went on."Islamists are a big portion of the current political strife and they will be part of the process, but if we're talking about the violence-advocating groups, those are outside the democratic process at their own will." He continued.

He also talked about starting the action plan by first devising an elections law and then the other steps will subsequently follow.

Meanwhile, from New York, Salame announced his action plan for Libya, which he said will have three stages that by 2018 will see Libya going into presidential and parliamentary elections."

Link: https://www.libyaobserver.ly/news/saif-gaddafi-can-run-libya-president-s...