UN Joins with Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG in Libya As Corruption Continues

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The UN will sponsor a Conference in Ghadames, Libya next month. This is a ruse, nothing will come out of this conference that will benefit the Libyan people.

The reason is that the UN has joined hands with criminal terrorist organizations; the Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). They have included these groups in the conference in Ghadames and have EXCLUDED the Great Tribes of Libya who represent all the Libyan people.

This conference is a complete FARCE. The UN has invited the UN puppet government of Tripoli (working with the terrorists named above) and the legally elected House of Representative from Tobruk who have no power as the UN has seen to it that their self-appointed government is the only recognized government in Libya.

The UN representative for Libya is NOT a Libyan, he is Lebanese and has no expertise in Libya or Libyan politics, He was appointed by the UN to represent Libya and is a slap in Libya's face and extremely self serving corruption by the UN. The mans name is Ghassan Salamé (Lebanese) and he does not work with the Libyan people or the tribes only with the UN and CIA puppets and other imperialist (New World Order) countries like Italy, France, UK and the USA. None of these countries, or the UN or Mr. Salame should have any say over what happens in the sovereign country of Libya.

Only the Libyan people (represented by the tribes) have legitimate say over what happens and what government runs their country. The rest of these illegitimate players are thieves, liars, terrorists and paid assassins.

Here is a short bio of Mr. Salame (WHO DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE LIBYAN PEOPLE) :
Ghassan Salamé is a Paris-based Lebanese academic. He served as the Lebanese Minister of Culture from 2000 to 2003. He was the Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and professor of International Relations at Sciences Po. On 22 June 2017, Salamé was appointed Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, replacing Martin Kobler.[1]

Please do not be fooled by any verbage of UN representatives speaking for Libya.

"UN Hopes April Conference Will Prevent War in Libya" https://thelibyanreport.com/un-hopes-april-conference-will-prevent-war-i...

The UN is corrupt and a tool of the Khazarian Zionists who control the world's banks and most countries. The article (see link above) put out by the UN puppet, Mr. Salame, is a complete fabrication of facts to make him and his masters look like they are doing something in Libya. Libya is not on the brink of war unless the UN starts another phony incursion with their mercenaries. The conference in Ghadames is as phony as a $3 bill, it is there to make the world think Libya cannot have a country wide election which was supposed to happen last year. These corrupt illegal occupiers cannot have a Libyan election, when that happens they will be thrown out or exterminated as they should be.