UN Meeting in Tunisia to Control Libya Shut Down by HOR

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The UN being fully culpable in the 2011 illegal destruction of Libya continues to try and force it's control upon the Libyan people. The UN puppet government, formed outside of Libya without the approval or vote of the Libyan people in 2015 and forced upon them by sneaking into Tripoli by the dark of night, have found themselves with no support in Libya. The Sarraj Government of National Accord (the UN puppet govt) (GNA) know that the Libyan people are sick and tired of being controlled by puppets of the New World Order and will not stand for it any longer. The Libyan National Army now controls 95% of the land and is very close to reclaiming Tripoli as they work to cleanse the country of militias, terrorists, radicals and western Zionist puppets.

With the end of their position in Libya close at hand and the Great Tribes of Libya coming together under the green flag of the Jamahiriya working to take their country back from these traitors and invaders; the UN decided to call a meeting.The meeting was in Tunisia and was attended by leaders from the legitimately "elected" government in Tobruk,(the House of Representatives) (HOR), and their own puppet government from Tripoli. The meeting was supposedly created to discuss how the country would come together and establish an election that would create a newly formed government supported and elected by the people. Of course, the reality of the meeting was that the UN was there to maintain their position and to dictate the future government activities in Libya. The result was - the meeting was closed down today by the Toburk House of Representatives. Having dealt with the dirty games of the New World Order Zionists for the past 7 years, the Libyans are not going to be fooled or coerced into allowing Zionist appointed puppets to control and steal from their country any longer.

There is no working with the Zionists, the only choice is to cleanse their country of the usurpers and be done with it. The imperialist criminal Khazarian Zionist banksters, have no concern for the people of Libya, only for the assets that lie beneath their land and their land. When you think about it, why would any Libyan ever trust or work with the UN? The UN and NATO are the 2 criminal organizations that illegally bombed their country into oblivion, left thousands of criminal terrorists on the ground, imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of Libyans, stole all the money from the banks, stole homes and cars from the people, raped and abused women and children, destroyed water and power supplies, etc., etc.

The UN is living in some kind of alternate universe if they think that the Libyan people will ever listen to or be part of anything to do with their New World Order.