Unrecorded Death's Continue in Libya Caused by NATO's Illegal Attack in 2011

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Today a very good man, a gentleman, a patriot of his country died at the age of 35 from complications caused by lack of medicine in Libya.

Faraj K. Milad Werffaly, slipped away today much to the grief of all legitimate Libyans. Faraj was known and respected as a patriot who fought against the rats and mercenaries who invaded and destroyed his country in 2011 with the help of the Hilary Clinton, Obama, John McCain, the US, UK, France and other Zionist criminal countries. As I was told tonight by the great tribes of Libya - many people traveled from all over Libya to pay their respects at the funeral of this good man.

It needs to be shown to the world, that the crimes against humanity continue to this day in Libya thanks to the war crimes committed by NATO in 2011. The rats, militias and puppets that control Libya today have stolen and or destroyed infrastructure and assets of Libya. The hospitals have no medicine, the power has rolling black outs, the food is scarce and so expensive few can afford much. This is the result of the illegal invasion and continued purposeful destabilization of the sovereign nation of Libya.

Faraj K. Milad Werffaly, prayed for his country to return to the peaceful and prosperous country that it was before the Zionist attacked it. All Libyans morn his death and pray that their country will return to their control so that they can begin to bring back the prosperity and hope that Libya represented to it's people before 2011.