Update Libya: Foreign Mercenary Shot Down After Bombing Innocents - Libyans Demand Justice

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The Libyan National Army is working to cleanse Tripoli and the surrounding areas (especially Misurata) of terrorist mercenary militias and are fully supported by all the Libyan people. These terrorist mercenaries were put into Libya in 2011 by NATO, US, UK , France, Italy, Qatar, Turkey and other countries supporting the illegal destruction of the sovereign country of Libya. These groups have been armed, funded and supplied (with more mercenaries) by the same groups that installed them by force in 2011. The masters of these terrorist mercenaries (the Khazarian Zionist mafia) have embargoed the Libyan National Army from receiving any weapons or help for the past 8 years (via their UN). The Libyan national army being the only force fighting for the freedom of the Libyan people and the return to sovereignty of the country of Libya.

The UN forced their puppet government on the Libyan people by sneaking them into Tripoli by the dark of night (by sea) in December of 2015. The Libyan people and the legitimately elected House of Representatives in Tobruck did not want or agree to this illegal arrangement against the Libyan people. BUT, once this group (made up of radicals and subversives) arrived in Tripoli, the UN and their Khazarian masters proclaimed this the legitimate government of Libya. Serraj and his minions began to steal from the Libyan people, they made agreements to give away Libyan resources (gold, gas, oil) to foreign nations. They had no authority to do these kind of agreements. This UN puppet Serraj, began to steal from the Libyan central bank and to fund the terrorist militias in Tripoli to keep himself in power. He has stolen literally billions of dollars that belonged to the Libyan people, passing it to the terrorist militias, mercenaries and others to keep the Libyan people oppressed. He has no support in Libya and officially his so call "mandate" ran out in December of 2017. Serraj has done absolutely NOTHING to help the Libyan people, who suffer every day with little food, poor water, almost no medical care etc. The electrical plants have never been repaired since NATO blew them up. Yet, the terrorist militias/mercenaries have become millionaires and billionaires and are free to steal what ever they like from the Libyan people.

Serraj is in control of the terrorists that the Libyan National Army is fighting to cleanse out of Libya. Of course, Serraj does not want these terrorists gone because he will then be gone. The Libyan people will throw him out. As Serraj is the puppet of the New World Order they have allowed him to gather mercenaries to attack the legitimate Libyans who want to take their country back from the terrorist mercenaries. This is against international law and the Libyans know very well that Serraj is a criminal and is using their money to hire mercenaries to kill them.

Now the Libyan National Army has proof of the Mercenaries hired by Serraj and his so called GNA (Government of National Accord). The LNA shot down a French fighter jet this week. They captured the pilot who was dropping bombs and missiles on the Libyan army and people. Turns out this mercenary was hired by Serraj (everybody knows this) and says he is a Portuguese citizen. This man who body is festooned says his name is Jimmy Reese. Look at the photos of Jimmy Reese below and you will see his tattoo. This tattoo is taken from the Hermetic Qabalah, which has associations with mysticism and the occult / the Khazarian mafia (founders of the New World Order).

Now with proof in their hands the legitimate government of Libya, the "House of Representatives" in Tobruk is demanding justice to be done against the UN Puppets in Tripoli and their crimes against humanity in Libya. A member of the National Defense and Security Committee of the House of Representatives in Tobruk, Tariq al-Jaroushi, demanded that the head of the Presidential Council Faiz Al-Sarraj and Interior Minister Fifa Pasha Agha be brought up on charges of crimes against the Libyan people by illegally bringing mercenaries into Libya. Mr. Al-Jaroushi stated: "The head of the unconstitutional presidential council, Faiz al-Sarraj and Fathi Pasha Agha, must be brought to the court as perpetrators of war crimes. "The recruitment of foreign mercenaries to kill our Libyan citizens and bombard the cities is a full-fledged war crime. The Portuguese pilot (Jimmy Reese, 29), who was captured by the armed forces, receives money from the Libyans to kill them, Said that a large number of foreign mercenaries were still fighting all types of air and defense specialized and trained killers, pointing out that this is a violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council."

Link to article quoted: https://arabic.sputniknews.com/arab_world/201905081040937591-%D9%84%D9%8...

Again, I reiterate, people do not believe the mass media. The Libyan people continue to fight for their freedom from the western based mercenaries and terrorists who have oppressed them for 8 years. You will see, especially in British news all kinds of lies and misrepresentations. Do not believe any of it, the British are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Tripoli, this is a terrorist organization and against the Libyan people. 96% of all Libyans are moderate Muslims, they hate radical Islam just like Moammar Ghadafi did. Please pay attention this is NOT a civil war, this is a fight for freedom from terrorism and oppression. The Libyan people and tribes stand with the Libyan National Army as it fights to regain sovereignty for their beloved Libya.