Update Libya January 18, 2020 Turkey Continues Invasion (Video) Libyan Tribes Respond

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January 18, 2020

The great tribes of Libya (representing al the Libyan people and the Libyan National Army (LNA) continue their battle against the Muslim Brotherhood radicals of Turkey.

* Turkey continues to move terrorist mercenaries from Syria to Tripoli (VIDEO below) This is the 4th plane load in 24 hours, filling the streets of Tripoli with mercenaries from Syria, Turkey, Chad and other countries who had been fighting in Syria. Many of these mercenaries entered Libyan homes in Tripoli (when the owners were absent) and helped themselves to food and other things, When the people returned they were shocked and told them to leave immediately. The terrorist mercenaries said they were told by the Tripoli GNA regime that they were to use any homes they wanted.

* "Turkish President Erdogan threatens Europe with “ISIS and Al Qaeda” if the Sarraj (GNA) government falls". https://www.addresslibya.co/en/archives/53184?fbclid=IwAR31jYIFCmbsm-V5J... The GNA regime of Muslim Brotherhood headed by Sarraj and not elected controls less than .05% of Libya, it was appointed by the UN in 2015 and has no mandate in Libya. It is held in place by the support of Turkey and their radical terrorists. It continues illegal activities against the Libyan people and has stolen billions from the Libyan central bank. It has never done any legitimate activities of a normal government. 99% of the Libyan people are against this criminal regime.

* The list of names of those responsible for transporting the Syrian mercenaries from Turkey to Libya via flights operated by Afriqiyah Airways. The sources said that a group of officials in the Afriqiyah Airways arranged, in cooperation with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), everything related to these trips, and they are:

1- Chairman of the Board Mustafa Matouk

2- Vice-President of the Council, Moftah Al-Rugaibi

3- General Manager Lutfi Abdullah

4- Munther Al-Shetaiwi, Commercial Manager

5- Chief Financial Officer Khaled Al-Sharif

6- Board Member Khalil Al-Mujai

* Captain Sabri Shadi (see photo below), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Afriqiyah Airways Company, is pursued on charges of bringing mercenaries from the Libyan Attorney General and Interpol despite the fact that the International Air Transport Association, the Civil Aviation Organization and civil aviation monitoring centers confirmed (with official testimonies) that the company did not register any flight to transport the mercenaries.with any country.. This man is from Misurata and is a terrorist rat who was at the forefront of the destruction of Libya in 2011 and continues his illegal activities to this day, he is a known criminal.

* In response to the criminal invasion of Turkey, the Eastern Tribes of Libya have shut down the oil fields in their part of Libya. The spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said that the angry Libyan people closed the oil fields and ports, in response to the failure of the international community to hear their voice in the demonstrations against Turkish interference in Libya.
The tribes put out the following statement: :

Oil will not be re-opened until the following:
1 The government of Erdogan (GNA) is finished and gone from Libya
2 The 3000 Syrian terrorists out of our land.
3 All Turkish military and officers are out of Libya
4 Complete liberation of all of Libya from Turkish agents/mercenaries and representatives

* Erdogan continues to break the UN embargo on arms being shipped to Libya and goes against the internationally agreed law of all foreigners out of Libya and absolutely not terrorists, mercenaries or foreign armies to be on the soil or transported to Libya.

* The Berlin Conference to be help on Sunday the 19th of January will include the following people and/or representatives:

LNA Commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar - Libya
Head of GNA, Fayez al-Sarraj - Libya

They are to be joined by envoys from the
German Chancellor Angela Merkel also extended an invitation to the African Union, the Arab League, as well Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

The Libyan people in general do not trust this conference, as it should be obvious to any person that the most of the countries included in this conference are the countries that took part in the destruction of Libya in 2011, Those countries are the REASON for the mess you find today in Libya with the Muslim Brotherhood illegal regime in Tripoli, aligned with Turkey, supplying mercenary terrorists and arms against the legitimate Libyan people. Why would they trust this group to be fair or to understand what the Libyan people want or need? And when the declarations of the UN are completely ignored by Turkey, no one steps up to do anything to stop them. Many countries give lip service but no one helps. How is it that Turkey is allowed to come to Berlin? The Libyan people say he is the cause of all the problems in LIbya, why is he allowed a voice, why don't they stop his illegal activities that are in front of world now? NOTE: I will have another more extensive report on the Berlin conference in another article.

The great tribes of Libya will never allow any kind of negotiation with radicals and terrorists. Turkey has no place in Libya and the Libyan people will never stop until the radical Muslim Brotherhood is completely out of their country.

* comment - don't believe the propaganda being put out by some of the deep state think tank trolls. There is no Civil war in Libya, there is a battle of good vs evil, Libyans against radical terrorists. The Libyan National army is NOT a ragtag group of people, it is a professional and disciplined army of the people of Libya, working for and instructed by the great tribes of Libya (Libyan people). All Libyan tribes stand now 100% behind the LNA. Haftar is not a warlord, granted he has his faults which are many but he is not a warlord. On the other hand, Sarraj of the GNA is a warlord - heading terrorist militias of the Muslim brotherhood, stealing from Libya and oppressing Libyan civilians. The GNA controls only tiny pieces of Libya now and only by force. There is NO ceasefire in Libya because the terrorists never ever stop. There will be no negotiations with Turkey or Sarraj as they bring NOTHING to the table, they have noting to negotiate with and they will never allow elections in Libya because they have .05% support in Libya. Only those receiving their pay checks from the GNA support it. So when you see some article speculating about Libya, written by some desk jockey, keep in mind it is all tripe with a little truth to keep you confused. One example is the latest article by Robert Brown "Russia's Big Gamble in Libya" NOTE: Russia continues it's stand with the Libyan army against the GNA.