UPDATE Libya - July 28, 2019 - LNA Controls the Skies Against Terrorist Militias and Serraj (Muslim Brotherhood) Tripoli Regime

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UPDATE LIBYA, July 28, 2019

A number of events have occurred in the past few days regarding the Libyan people's army (LNA) and their progress in cleansing their country of terrorist militias, the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist supporting) government of Serraj in Tripoli, the Misurata terrorists, the Turks and Qatari's who are in Libya supporting terrorism and the illegal occupation of Italian soldiers assisting terrorists in Misurata..

1. The LNA Air force carried out a series of precision strikes against the Air War College in Misurata, as well as the Turkish Air Control Room in the city which is openly allied with Turkey. The Misurata airport has become a military base for Turkish Drones used to target the LNA while they fight terrorists. Turkey has a number of their military in Misurata in a war room directing the drones. The LNA Air force also targeted and destroyed the Turkish war room in Misurata. The attack on Misurata come after the forces loyal to the government of Serraj bombed the Libyan National Army base of Al Jufra, south of Tripoli. The LNA had warned the tribal leaders in Misurata that they must expel the Turks and Qatari's from their area or they would be taken out. Apparently the tribal leaders had no control over the terrorists that control Misurata. The Italians were also warned of the attack and removed their 280 troops to Tripoli so no Italians were wounded. THE BIG POINT HERE THAT EVERYONE IS IGNORING IS THAT ITALY HAS OCCUPATIONAL FORCES IN LIBYA ILLEGALLY AND THEY ARE SUPPORTING THE MISURATA TERRORISTS.

The attack on Misurata has sent a shudder through the Salah Padi terrorist militias who were controlling the Air War College and has changed the course of the war against the terrorist militias in Libya. The Misurata airport had been turned into an arm of the Turkish military which had recently occupied the Mitiga airport in Tripoli but that airport has now been intentionally damaged by the Libyan army to stop the exploitation of Turkish Drones.

During the same time as the Misurata attack, the LNA Air Force also attacked terrorist positions in Sirte, Tripoli and Zouara reflecting air superiority and sovereignty over the sky. This will have a strong impact on the conduct of battles on the ground and will provide important air cover for the advance of the army forces to the center of the capital. There are now three Russian Kamov Ka-50 attack helicopters and a Russian-made Sukhoi bomber that will enter the battle after being maintained by the Libyan air force, this will give the Libyan army air force absolute sovereignty over the Libyan airspace.

Representatives of the only legitimate government in Libya, the House of Representatives in Tobruk, stated that the attack on Misurata came after many calls by the people to attack Misurata as it had turned into an advanced base for the Turkish-Qatari project in Libya. Only after the Italians had removed their troops occupying Libya under the cover of a "field hospital", did the attack take place.

2. The Libyan National Army republishes their statement against Turkish intervention in Libya:

“While the Libyan National Army forces are fighting terrorism on the Libyan territory, our country has been under Turkish logistical support for years, and these days this has evolved into direct Turkish intervention by using warplanes, transporting mercenaries, and sending ships loaded with arms, ammunition, and armored vehicles to support terrorism in Libya.

Therefore, the General Command of the Libyan National Army has ordered the Air Force to target Turkish ships and boats within Libya’s territorial waters. The Interim Government must expel all Turkish companies operating in Libya and terminate their operations in all projects on Libyan territory, boycotting the Turkish industries and products, and stop civil flights to and from Turkey to Libyan airports as a response to this Turkish terrorist aggression.”

3. Maj. Gen. al-Qatani of the LNA stated that the LNA will enter the capital to free it from the militias within a few days. The commander of the 73rd Infantry Brigade Major General Ali al-Qatani confirmed the Libyan National Army readiness to enter the heart of Tripoli, after the success of military units in the depletion of armed militias on the outskirts of the capital. Al-Qatani pointed out that Turkey and Qatar supported the militias belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, and other terrorists groups WERE TRANSFERRED from the city of Idlib, Syria. He said that the terrorists stationed in al-Zawia city support the militias of Abu Ubaidah, directed by Qatar and Turkey according to their interests.

4. Libyan Members of the House of Representatives from the legitimate Tobruk government traveled to Washington DC to meet with US law makers. The second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hamid Houmah said that the House delegation, which visited Washington last week, discussed with U.S. officials legislation's issued by the House as the sole legitimate and elected body in Libya. According to Houmah, the House delegation met with U.S. representatives and senators as well as officials from the State Department. The Libyan representatives discussed with their U.S. counterparts the ongoing military operation by the Libyan National Army (LNA) which targets militias and terrorist groups in Tripoli. The Libyan representatives pointed out to their U.S. counterparts that the Libyan parliament has officially legitimized LNA and appointed Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar as its General Commander. U.S. representatives were also informed of Libyan parliament’s decision to dismantle all militias across the country and to authorize the army to carry out such task.

5. Lastly, but surely not least on July 24, 2019 the UN reopened the bidding for financial audit review of Libya’s two Central Banks. First and foremost there is no need for an audit, the international banksters have the ability to see every transaction done inside any bank and they are in control of Libya's central banks. The use of an audit is meant purely to cover the theft by the same Khazarian Zionists bankers and their minion terrorists in Libya. Understand that this is not a minor theft, 500 billion was stolen by these banksters at the beginning of the phony revolution in 2011. I am sure another 100 billion or more has been stolen by all the cabal countries and terrorists groups, these include but not limited to, Italy, UK, Qatar, US, France, Turkey et.al. Again, we see the results of the NATO, US, UK, UN, France.. etc. destruction of the legitimate government in Libya and sovereignty of Libya. Theft of Libyan money, theft of Libyan insitu assets, imposition of puppet unelected governments, occupation of terrorist militias, occupation of foreign troops, destruction of Libyan infrastructure and last but not least the removal of any voice for the Libyan people.

The Libyan tribes don't care about any audit of THEIR money by the UN, the same organization that destroyed their country and continues theft everyday. The Libya tribes (representing all Libyan people) do not want the UN in their country, they do not want any outside country in Libya. They know that the UN is controlled and works for the Khazarian Zionist bankers who want to control Libya for monetary reasons and could care less about the Libyan people. They know that Italy wants to control Libya by any means as proven by their criminal past in Libya, they know that Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood (including all terrorist and radical Islamic groups) want to control Libya as a base to fund and maintain their terrorist activities. The Libyan tribes know that they can clean their country of terrorism without the UN and they fully understand the dirty games that have been played against their country. Libya will be the turning point against the Khazars and their New World Order fascist agenda. The little country of Libya with shine the light on the evil in this world and those countries that can see will follow their example.