UPDATE LIBYA - July 8, 2019 - Turkey Delivers 8 Drones to Terrorists - ISIS Shows Itself in S. Libya and President HOR, Aguila Saleh Issa, Addresses Peace in Libya

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Last night I received the following updates from the Great Tribes of Libya:

!. Turkey, against the UN security council is continuing to supply the terrorist militias working with the UN puppet government of Serraj (GNA). They brought in 8 new drones (using Ukrainian planes) during the past few days because the LNA has destroyed most of the other drones. Also, Qatar against the UN, is bringing in US weapons for the terrorists.

The Serraj government was not elected, was appointed from outside of Libya in Tunisia. They are full of and controlled by the terrorist organization known as "The Muslim Brotherhood". The Muslim Brotherhood is supported by Turkey and therefore you will see Turkey (the Ottomans as the Libyans call them) supporting terrorism in Libya. During the last couple of weeks, the world witnessed Turkish Drones attack and destroy the Libyan National Army headquarters and other buildings in Gharyan, Libya. Next, the terrorist militias broke into the hospital treating the wounded soldiers, tortured the soldiers and assassinated all of them. This has caused an international outrage and demands for investigations. The terrorist militias are being led by the Turkish military that houses itself at the Mitiga airport in Tripoli. (the Libyan national army is now targeting this airport as Turkey is using it to bring in weapons and more mercenaries to Libya illegally). Also, the terrorist militias in Tripoli attacked the migrant camp near Tajoura (a part of Tripoli) using Turkish Drones and killing over 50 innocents, wounding thousands of others. These attacks by the terrorists in Tripoli are false flags. They are losing the battle because no one in Libya supports Terrorism. They are attempting to use the media to blame the Libyan National army for these attacks.

These terrorist militias have caused great suffering for the Libyan people during the past 8 years after NATO destroyed the Libyan legitimate government and infrastructure. In all of Libya, out of a population of near 6 million, only about 10,000 are radicals. All of these radials were in exile or in prison under the legitimate Libyan government before 2011 and NATO. Radical Islam was not allowed in Libya under Ghadafi, Therefore, it is impossible to imagine that these 10,000 radical terrorists controlled all of Libya by themselves for the past 8 years. The truth is that they have had constant support from the outside, not only from Turkey but also from Qatar and others. The Libyan tribes have confirmed to me that if the terrorist support was ended, Libya would be peaceful in a matter of days as the army would stop and remove all of these criminals.

2. ISIS along with their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have shown themselves, via a video (attached below to this report) to be in Southern Libya. They have stolen vehicles from Southern Protection Force of Tammhant (a military base of the Libyan National army). They show themselves in the video and call to all radical terrorists in Libya to fight. This group is supported by the Serraj government in Tripoli who supports the terrorist militias in Tripoli as they all work together in their radical Islamic Tafkiri (fake Muslim) beliefs. Pointed out in this report is a terrorist named Usama Jowilly, one of the terrorists (ISIS) biggest leaders and supporters in Libya. Usama Jowilly is of the Zentan tribe. But please note that only about 10% of the Zentan tribe are radicals.

3. Lastly and most importantly is the public statement made by the President of the legitimate Libyan government in Tobruk, the HOR (House of Representatives), Mr. Aguila Saleh Issa. Mr. Issa has declared that they are ready to make a peace dialogue for all Libyans. He stated emphatically that under no circumstances will the illegitimate government of Serraj in Tripoli be part of these peace talks. He stated that Mr. Serraj's government was appointed from outside Libya, it has no legitimacy in Libya, was never elected and cannot be part of any Libyan discussions of new governments, new elections or security forces.

All the great tribes of Libya stand against terrorism, they stand together for peace, security and sovereignty for their nation. They do not support terrorism or radical Islamists. They want to cleanse their country of these criminals. The intervention of Turkey and Qatar must be stopped and it is time for the world to stand with Libya against terrorism as they should have 8 years ago when NATO was the terrorist, bringing into Libya 250,000 terrorist mercenaries and destroying Libya with over 60,000 bombing raids.