UPDATE October 2018 - Rape of Libya Continues - Hardship and Hope

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The dirty game against the country of Libya started long before the NATO war. Libya is a country of vast resources, a country of small population (approx, 5.5 million) and an extremely large footprint. That being said, it should be obvious to most who are reading this that the criminal Khazarian Zionists would never leave the country of Libya to the people who owned her.

If you go back thousands of years, you will see that Libya was invaded, occupied and stolen from by Romans, Turks (the Ottoman empire), Spain, Italy and many others. Italy occupied Libya until 1969 when the Al Fateh Revolution of the Libyan tribes and army chased the old despot king (installed by England as their puppet) out of the country in their bloodless coup. At that time, the country was the least developed in Africa and the Libyan people were extremely poor and the slaves of the occupiers of their country - Italy. The average Libyan made about 60 dinar a year. This was calculated oppression to keep the Libyan people from taking their country back from the thieves and criminals who occupied it. As a side note, Italy in the 1920's attempted a complete genocide of the Libyan people using incredible crimes against humanity - starvation, no water, concentration camps, mass assassination etc. In the end there were only 250,000 Libyans left alive (Anyone interested in the story can watch the movie "Lion of the Desert", a true story of Omar Mukhtar the great Libyan hero fighting Mussolini and his mass murderers).

After the bloodless coup in 1969, the Libyan people actually took their country from the illegal occupiers and placed it in the hands of the Libyan people for the first time in history. The tribes and army appointed a young, highly educated, charismatic officer to lead the country (Moammar Ghadafi). It is important to understand that the Libyan people, had never ruled themselves and for years had been oppressed without education, without resources, etc. So, Ghadafi. who had been educated, who understood better than most in Libya some of the western world, was a valiant choice as was proven in his actual development of Libya and her people. Under Ghadafi, Libya went from the least developed country in Africa in 1969 to the most developed when it was destroyed by NATO in 2011. The people were highly educated, medical care was free, education was free, gifts of large amounts of money to newly married couples, subsidies for homes, cars and other things, gasoline was 44 cents a gallon, women were emancipated under Ghadafi (were doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, military, etc). Ghadafi was strongly against radical Islam and the 4% of Libyans who were radials were either in prison or exile. Libya had great security against these terrorists and the people of Libya lived in a state of peace. Under Ghadafi, the Libyan people were allowed to own their own land for the first time in their history.

After the bloodless coup, the UK and US threatened Libya and told them they had to take back the old despot king. Of course, these criminal imperialists wanted their puppet who was allowing the theft of Libyan resources, back in power. It was obvious the western criminals cared nothing about the Libyan people and this demand was, of course, turned down. With that, the covert attacks began on Libya by the CIA, MI5, Mossad, France and Italian agencies. Ghadafi became the most horrible man alive, he was a terrorist, he oppressed the Libyan people and threatened others. All of this was lies but as they say, the game plan of these agencies is to accuse your target of what you are actually guilty of.... Understand this, Libya did not do Lockerbie, Libya did not do the nightclub bombing in Germany all of them done by the 3 letter agencies for a variety of reasons and criminal agendas,

So, let's jump to 2011, Hillary Clinton and Obama working for their Khazarian Zionist New World Order masters, created a false flag called "Arab Spring". The actual agenda of which was to destroy, occupy and control Libya. Ghadafi was the first target because he had started the African bank with a gold backed currency for all of Africa called the African Dinar. All of the Arab countries and half of the African countries had signed on, this currency would have destroyed the toilet paper fiat currency of the Zionist banksters.(US dollar). On a side note: Ghadafi had been required to step down from power in 2006 when he signed the treaty with the US, thus removing the 30 year sanctions against Libya which were all based on LIES.

In 2011, NATO committed war crimes en-mass against Libya and her people. I know this because I was there and I do have proof. The atrocities were so heinous and so shocking that the world has yet to fully understand and react to what the New World Order Cabal is actually capable of when turned loose with impunity.

Today in Libya, the Libyan people suffer terribly. Electricity is marginal at all times, off a great deal of the time. Gasoline is a premium and difficult to find. Food is a premium and 10 times the cost that it was before NATO. Medical care is extremely expensive and in many cases required to be paid with foreign currency. Banks have a constant shortage of cash, long lines and restricted amounts exist everywhere. Internet service is poor and highly limited. Mobile phone service is marginal and even texting does not work at times. *as a side note, the NSA installed in Libya in 2011 very sophisticated hacking/listening/blocking equipment for all phones and internet in Libya (this eliminates the ability of the Libyan people to speak to each other). Life in Libya is a struggle and for most a nightmare. But understand that this is calculated and fits into the agenda of the New World Order continued control of Libya, oppressing the people so that they look away from the continued theft of their resources and look only to survive. Over 1 million people have died since NATO came in to Libya to "save the innocents".

The Libyan people and great tribes have come together and formed a new Libyan army called the 7th Brigade. This is not the so called Libyan army supposedly being led by Khalifa Haftar, a known CIA operative for over 30 years. Let me state this directly from the tribes of Libya, "Khalifa Haftar has no power in Libya, he does nothing good for Libya, he is not trusted in Libya, he is a traitor to Libya". So, please note down that whenever you read an article that states Haftar is doing this or doing that it is a LIE, it is meant to put the CIA puppet in front of the eyes of the world and turn him into a savior for Libya, he is just the opposite. This is PSYOPS, CO-INTELPRO and is all over the media as usual.

Adding to the aforementioned lies are the lies about Russia having military bases in Libya. They are reporting that Russia has a base in Tobruk and one in Benghazi along with delivery of S-300 missiles. I have confirmed from 2 high tribal members (2 different tribes) that these is nothing in Libya from Russia. This is a complete lie, but never forget that the lie was put out for a reason, there is always an agenda. The NWO cabal sees the Libyan people gathering together, they see the formation of the 7th Brigade being formed to cleanse the armed terrorist militias in Tripoli who protect the UN puppet government based in Tripoli. This must be stopped so.let us start the dirty game of Russian "fear porn" in the media. Stating that Russia is in Libya gives leeway for the military industrial complex (Africom) to put troops or bases in Libya and create other atrocities against the Libyan people who can do nothing to protect themselves.

Continuing with their crimes against humanity the illegal occupiers of Libya have signed agreements with France to mine gold concentrate from the southwestern part of Libya. Of course the UN puppet government has absolutely NO authority to sign such an agreement but they take their piece of the stolen gold and happily look the other way. Meanwhile the Libyan people continue to suffer. Next you have the Libyan National Oil Company, run by a criminal appointed by the illegitimate puppet UN government in Tripoli, signing an agreement with British Petroleum and ENI (Italian petroleum) companies to explore for resources and take 85% of what they find. Of course this is all illegal theft from the Libyan people who will never see one dime from their stolen resources. The NWO cabal has effectively turned back the clock to before 1969 (the Al Fateh revolution) and made the Libyan people slaves again.

The Libyan people do their best to keep hope alive, they struggle everyday living in a country that has been set back to the 19th century in its ability to feed, cloth and protect its people.
The great tribes of Libya work together everyday to try and bring their country out of this darkness, they need help and they deserve help, after all it was the UN, US, NATO, France and the UK who destroyed their country, their lives and killed their families all based on lies and continue to oppress them for their own enrichment.

About the author: My name is JoAnne Moriarty, I am a business person, I was doing business in Libya since 2007 and traveled to Libya 17 times through 2011. My husband and I contracted huge amounts of business all of which was lost in the 2011 illegal military take over of Libya. I was there on the ground for over 100 days in 2011 during the NATO attack. My husband and I were captured by Al Qaeda in Tripoli in 2011 when the NATO supported terrorists were brought into Tripoli by boat. We escaped by divine intervention. All this is well documented in this website. I was later appointed as the official spokesperson for the tribes of Libya because their voice was taken from them.