Update Tripoli September 7, 2018

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UPDATE Tripoli

There was a round table meeting in Tripoli of all the parties involved in the fighting in the city. This meeting included the terrorist militia leaders, the UN puppet government leaders, the Libyan Tribal Leaders (Tahouna tribe near Tripoli and others), and representatives of various other groups.

The Libyan tribes put forth their requirements for a permanent ceasefire. I was told 2 of the requirements (there were more but our connection was bad and we were cut off)
1. All militias must leave Tripoli and the surrounding cities and never return
2. All prisoners must be released (please understand that the prisoners they refer to are the thousands being held illegally without any charges since 2011, their only crime was being against the NATO illegal invasion of their country)

The Parties agreed to a temporary ceasefire, which is now happening and has for a couple days in Tripoli.

On Sunday, September 9th, 2018, the parties will meet again in the city of Zawia (suburb of Tripoli) to see if they can complete an agreement.

It is my humble opinion that the criminals will not want to give up their hold on Tripoli, no one in Libya is naive about this happening.

The UN is now publishing propaganda about the militias and their (UN) self appointed government in Tripoli. Beware of what comes out of the mainstream Zionist controlled media. If the great tribes of Libya are not referenced then it is all propaganda. Only the tribes have the authority to lead Libya as they represent all the legitimate Libyan people. Remember that one point and you can filter through the lies easily.