US Passport of ISIS Leader Found in Sirte Libya

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Anyone who doubts that ISIS is not a creation of the US and supported by the US and their intelligence agencies can now rid themselves of all doubt.

Attached to this report is a copy of a US passport found in an ISIS headquarters in Sirte after the cleansing of Sirte. This is the passport of an ISIS leader.

As I have already stated many times, the US and the Zionists are the founders of ISIS, Al Qaeda and all other radical Islamic mercenary armies.

They are armed, trained and funded by the CIA and other black-water groups.

They are the proxy army of the Khazarian Mafia (Zionists) used to destabilize any country they want to control for what ever reason.

I know this because while we were in Libya in 2011 during the NATO illegal attack on that country, we had the opportunity to meet with a number of Ambassadors to Libya from other countries. One of the most memorable was the Honorable H. E. Dangor, the plenipotentiary Ambassador from South Africa to Libya. I asked him why South Africa supported NATO's criminal actions in Libya as South Africa always stood up with Libya. He told us that our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had showed up in their country and told them that if they did not support her war against Libya that South Africa might find some "rebels" in their backyard. She did the same in Kuwait as confirmed by our friends there.

So, Hillary Clinton made it obvious that these radicals are the proxy army of her masters the Zionists, used to black mail, destroy and control countries.