VIDEO 5 Qatar Spies Arrested at Benghazi Airport with Fake Libyan Passports

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Today in Libya they arrested 5 people at the airport in Benghazi. They were carrying fake Libyan passports. These five men are Qatar citizens. Some if not all of them are Qatar intelligence. I have attached photos of the passports. One of the passports is dated to have been issued on a Friday – this would never ever happen in a Muslim country as their holy day always falls on Friday. These spies told the Libyans that the CIA issued them these fake passports during the NATO war in Libya in 2011. These men were carrying very large amounts of cash and many pieces of sophisticated communication devices. I have attached photos with passports and a video of them being arrested.

Today in Libya, the people took to the streets and burned the Qatar flag and the Turkish Flag. The Libyan people are finished with the illegal occupation of their sovereign nation by the likes of Qatar, Turkey, CIA, Black water, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and all the various Islamic Extremist groups. Qatar and Turkey have robbed the Libyan people of all their wealth of money, gold, oil, and other assets. The people and the tribes of Libya have said enough. Today the home of one of the worst Al Qaeda leaders Sufian bin Qumu had his home attacked by the people of the city of Derna - this is the man that is responsible for the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Today in Benghazi the Tunisian Embassy was burned, Tunisia is now being run by Ansar Al Sharia and they support terrorist activities in Libya.

God Bless the brave Libyan people and their fellow patriots in the great resistance may God speed them in their struggle to free their country from the evil forced upon them by NATO and Obama.