VIDEO Abdulhakim Belhaj, Al Qaeda Leader Called Out in France

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Abdulhakem Belhaj, the well known al Qaeda leader controlling the Mitiga airport in Tripoli was in France for a meeting when he was confronted by one of the heads of the human rights groups in France. This video clip leaked to the head of a group of human rights activists attacks Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of home party Libya, accusing him of having links to terrorism and the blood of Libyans on his hands. He responsible for the killing and torture of hundreds of victims, stressing that he (French activist) has files of the victims and certificates confirming that Belhaj is responsible for ordering the militias to kill and crush the Libyans and asked him how dare you come here to mislead us that you are democratic, you’re a serial killer, demanding his expulsion from France, this is during a meeting in Paris where a group of leaders of civic associations in France met with Belhaj and his minions.

Note: I have written much about Belhaj on this site, he was put in charge of security for the rebels during the 2011 illegal siege of Libya by NATO during which time NATO and the US joined hands with leaders of Al Qaeda and other mercenary terrorist groups to take the country of Libya from its rightful citizens. Belhaj is a well known terrorist, he was in Guantanamo and was in prison in Libya for his terrorist activities. Senator John Mc Cain is a big friend of Belhaj's and there is much proof of the 2 of them meeting many times in Tripoli and other places (see photo below). Belhaj has a private prison at Mitiga air base in Tripoli (this was the old US WWII airbase) where he keeps people he does not like and tortures them. He brings in weapons by the plane load from Qatar and Turkey to arm his al Qaeda friends and supports their training to send them all over the world to commit acts of terror. He is a complete con man, trying to act like a civilized person who wants freedom and democracy for Libya, this is a false face he puts on so that he can continue his psychopathic agenda.