VIDEO Al Qaeda from Libya Terrorize Syrian Civilians

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Abo Suheeb Allibi - a well known Al Qaeda terrorist from Libya (there are many terrorists flowing into Syria from Libya) is shown in this video terrorizing the local Syrian civilians. This kind of criminal behavior was supported and allowed in Libya during the NATO/US war there. The only difference was NATO was allowed to run 60,000 bombing raids against the Libyans and completely destroy their country. There was no Russia standing up for the innocents in Libya, thank God they are for Syria. Today, Libya is the effectively the nation of Al Qaeda where before the invasion and destruction of Libya it was illegal to be a radical Islamist in Libya. The agenda of the Obama administration is clear, support and arm Al Qaeda and all groups tied to that terrorist organization.

** Explanation of the photo below: taken from an article by Scott Quinn

"Impartiality? Sunday Times photo journalist Paul Conroy 'embedded' with 'al-qaeda' terrorists in Syria. The man in the center with the hat is the aforementioned LIFG leader and 'al-qaeda' commander, Mahdi al-Harati. The man to his left in the camouflage gear is the aforementioned LIFG leader and 'al-qaeda' commander, Abdul Hakim Belhaj. The man in the blue flak jacket is none other than Sunday Times photo-journalist Paul Conroy. The picture was taken in early 2012, shortly before Conroy was injured when the building he was in was allegedly shelled by Syrian government forces. Conroy is almost certainly an MI6 agent. The allegation that Syrian government forces shelled the building he was in, is less certain. Why?"