VIDEO - Tripoli Libya - Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi Supported as Candidate for President

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The video attached to this article was passed to me by the tribes this morning. The video shows the printing in Tripoli of flyers and/or posters supporting the candidacy of Dr. Saif for president of Libya.

What is so striking about this video is that Tripoli is the last stronghold of the illegal occupiers of Libya installed by force in 2011. Tripoli is the most oppressed city in Libya, oppressed by the force of terrorist militias/mercenaries who are hired by the UN puppet government to control the people by fear. To see the open support for Dr. Saif in Tripoli is a great sign of hope for all legitimate Libyans. The people of Tripoli are proving that they will not be scared away from their freedom of choice as to who will lead their country.

Since 2011, the Libyan people (Great Tribes of Libya) have not had a voice. The country of Libya has been represented in the media by New World Order puppets, the Khazarian Zionist backed criminals that invaded Libya and destroyed the country using lies, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Now the people of Libya celebrate the candidacy of Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, whom they consider one of their brothers, a man who has the ability to unite the country. Dr. Saif is the only person running for president who is not a puppet of the New World Order Khazarian cabal (all Libyans know this). He has a strong back ground and knowledge of the people and government that was so successful in Libya before 2011. In 2011, Dr. Saif was imprisoned illegally and suffered, along with his Libyan brothers and sisters, terrible atrocities committed by the terrorist mercenaries and Zionists puppets installed in Libya by the US, UN, UK, France and NATO. In June of 2017, Dr. Saif was found innocent of all charges and was given full amnesty by the legitimately elected government in Tobruk (House of Representatives). He was released by the Zintan tribe (who had been holding him) after a request from the Justice Ministry of the Tobruk government.

The Great Tribes of Libya are moving to bring the voice of the Libyan people to the media all over the world. They are working strongly with the African Union, who understands the tribal structure in Libya; supports the tribes and Dr. Saif as the only way to peace and security in Libya. The tribes will show the world what the people of Libya want, not what the western imperialists want for Libya. Above all, the Libyan people (all members of tribes) must have a choice and a voice in who will be their leaders. The voices of the Libyan people marks the death knell for all the criminal illegal puppets in Libya and the end of their theft of Libyan resources from the legitimate Libyan people.