In Violation of the UN Security Council, Turkey Steps Up Support of Terrorists in Libya

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Just in: A report from the Libyan National Army - Passed to me from the Libyan Tribes

Operations Room:
Turkey is stepping up its participation in the fraternal war against the armed forces and continues to violate Security Council resolutions by sending new military supplies and experts to take you directly to the fighting. They also sent armored vehicles to the Turkish Embassy. Last night, at 11 pm, a Turkish C130 cargo plane landed at Misurata. With a team of experts from the Turks with an integrated operating room, which had arrived before an Antonov aircraft belonging to a Ukrainian company coming from Ankara and carrying drones, at least two aircraft have been assembled so far with their ammunition and one was tried overnight and flew in the suburbs Misurata and Zliten coast and confirm our sources predicted that the Turks begin to use against our armed forces in the coming hours from Misurata base.

غرفة عمليات :
تركيا تصعد من مشاركتها فى الحرب الاخوانية ضد القوات المسلحة وتستمر فى خرق قرارات مجلس الأمن بأرسال امدادات عسكرية جديده وخبراء أتىاك للمشاركة فى القتال بشكل مباشربعد ان قاموا بأرسال مدرعات باعتراف البرلمان التركي حيث هبطت الليله الماضية على تمام الساعة11 مساء فى مصراته طائرة شحن تركيه من طراز c130 على متنها فريق خبراء من الاتراك مع غرفة عمليات متكاملة هذا وكانت قد وصلت قبلها طائرة من طراز انتينوف تابعة لشركة اوكرانيةقادمة من انقره وعلى متنها طائرات بدون طيار تم تجميع طائرتين على الاقل حتى الان بذخيرتهما وتم تجربة احداهما الليله وحلّقت فى ضواحى مصراته وزليتن والساحل وتؤكد مصادرنا توقع ان يبدا الاتراك استخدامها ضد قواتنا المسلحة خلال الساعات القادمة انطلاقا من قاعدة مصراته.

The Libyans understand the dirty game that is being played against them as they fight to regain their sovereignty from the terrorist mercenaries that were left to destabilize and steal from them by NATO in 2011. This disease left by NATO is like a cancer, it does not want to go, especially the head of the snake, Misurata. This is Hillary Clintons murdering terrorists, they were/are the home of the Turkish mafia in Libya. They were caught in a scheme to steal hundreds of millions from the Libyan people before 2011 and were about to lose all their stolen assets in Libya. Of course they joined Clinton and became her gang of murderers. They are the criminals who imprisoned over 70,000 innocent Libyan men, women and children in secret prisons after the fall of Libya in 2011. Thousands of these people were tortured to death, their only crime was loyalty to their country against the terrorists. There are thousands of unmarked graves near Misurata.

Misurata terrorists also attacked and destroyed the Tawergha tribe's city and homes. They have attempted a genocide of the Tawergha tribe because they are dark skinned. To this day the Misurata terrorists hold the Tawergha people as hostages in the desert and will not allow them to return to their homes. The slave trading in Libya is held in Misurata.

Misurata is the most hated city (and people) in Libya. They are fighting desperately to maintain their control and their evil ways. But, all of Libya is against them, they will lose and Turkey should be condemned for supporting these evil, soul less, God less criminals.

Once back in charge of their county, the Libyan people would demand the return of the stolen 500 billion that was in the Federal Reserve and EU. They would demand the return of the stolen gold, silver and precious metals by Qatar and other NATO puppets. Of course, this is a strong reason for the thieves and criminals to keep Libya destroyed and a failed state.

If you understand anything, understand this.. there is no civil war in Libya.
1. There would be no war in Libya if there were no terrorist militias.
2. If the terrorist militias would leave, the Libyan tribes and people would hold a country wide election bringing together their country under a solid and duly elected leader, House of Representatives and General Secretariat of the Tribes.

It is time for the world to stand up for the Libyan people, it is time to remove the embargo from their national army imposed by the UN in 2011. Meanwhile, while the terrorists have been receiving arms and money from Turkey and Qatar. This is why the terrorist militias have been able to control Tripoli, Misurata and much of Libya for the past 8 years. The Libyan people have been held at gun point without any resources to fight back. Now we (and they) pray for support from good countries who understand the current situation on the ground in Libya.