Why the Hell is Lebanon Inserting Itself into Libyan Politics?

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Why the hell is Lebanon inserting itself into Libyan politics? The reason is very simple, as my business law professor at University taught me, we should always "follow the money".

The country of Libya for many years prior to 2011, had no international banks because Ghadafi knew better than to trust the international banksters. So, when a Libyan individual wanted to invest in business outside Libya, they had to establish accounts in foreign banks. For many years the Libyans and other Arabs and African's liked Lebanon.

Lebanon was like the Las Vegas vacation point for the people of that part of the world. There was a saying that was originated in Lebanon which stated: "What Happens in Lebanon stays in Lebanon". Lebanon was a unique country, you snow ski in the morning and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon, Elegant casino's, world class restaurants and a friendly environment that welcomed all people. Lebanon was a secular country.

The main office of Bank Misr in Beirut, has the most impressive entrance into their vault area, 2 large spiral stair cases that flow down into the bowels of the bank - elegant, ornate and huge. This bank had the 4th largest known gold vault in the world. behind Switzerland (Kloten); City Bank New York (17th sub floor) and China, The individual vaults in Lebanon held untold amounts of precious metals as well as huge cash deposits in numbered accounts belonging to Muslims and Arabs from all over the world. When the control of the oil assets was forced to be returned to the oil owning countries out of the hands of western corporations and the Khazarian bankers, these bankers successfully attempted to steal as many of these private accounts as possible. They did this by starting a civil war in Lebanon, which effectively destroyed the country, most of that destruction remains today. This is exactly what they are doing in Libya, Iraq, Syria and they hope soon Iran.

However, many Libyan citizens as well as those from Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Jordon, Maltas, etc., maintained working relationships with Bank Misr in Lebanon. When the phony civil war in Libya was initiated by these same criminal bankers, all of these private accounts in the Lebanese banks were frozen forever, effectively stolen by the bankers. But, the Libyan people are now in the process of retaking control of their country from the terrorist proxy army of the Khazarian banksters. These criminal bankers do not want to lose their stolen ownership of the Libyan accounts.

How do the bankers intend to maintain ownership of these stolen accounts?

They issued a bunch of PHONY indictments against prominent Libyans. Of course their media stooges claim they are real and binding. These indictments are so monumentally ridiculous as to be a joke. The indictments are all related to a long missing man named Musa al-Sadr and his two companions. This man Musa al-Sadr was founder of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council in Lebanon. The story is that he was visiting Libya in 1978 and left on a plane never to be seen again, The Shites in Lebanon brought a case against Libya saying that they had kidnapped this man but no proof was every brought forward. One of the people named in the current phony indictment is Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Moammer Ghadafi. Dr. Saif was 6 years old in 1978. But just as ridiculous is the fact that this case was closed in 2008 and removed from the court and not to be opened again, it was finished. The judge named Zaher Hamadeh who issued the so called indictments and arrest warrants, knows full well that the file on the disappearance of Musa al-Sadr was closed in 2008. This judge had/has lost all respect in Lebanon and in a vain attempt to regain his credibility has re-opened (illegally) this old case. The judge is a well know Shite Muslim, appointed by the Shites and is being very well paid for doing their bidding, These phony indictments are also related to the illegal kidnapping of Hannibal Ghadafi from Syria (some years ago) and his continued illegal imprisonment. The case against Hannibal Ghadafi has been closed for lack of evidence, yet the Shite political groups and banks will not release him. The Shite Islamic group known as "Amal Movement" is the Islamic group behind all these illegal and terrorist acts. These so called indictments are not worth the paper they are written upon

I suggest that the bank accounts of the aforementioned Libyans be examined, there you find the reason for the phony indictments (issued yesterday) and the illegal abduction of Hannible Ghadafi years ago. No reason for the Libyans to have done any of these criminal acts they are accused of, but millions of reasons for the criminal banksters to perpetrate their illegal acts,