BREAKING Report on Benghazi US Changed Sides Supported Al Qaeda

A new report just out says that the Benghazi attack could have been prevented if the US had not changed sides and started supporting Al Qaeda.

The Libyan people have been saying this for 3 years since the beginning of the NATO war when the US/CIA brought in 250,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries to take over that country. The US has been and continues to this day supporting Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and all other Islamic Extremist groups in Libya and other countries.

Moriartys Under Attack

As you all know, we are under attack by this government. They (the US/Obama/intelligence agencies) have now stepped up their attack. The daily truth about Libya, our eyewitness of the war crimes by NATO and the US in Libya are not to be publicized. The CIA told us to forget Libya or they would take our lives from us. It was not enough to ruin us financially, alienate us from our friends and family and make us homeless. They are now beginning to target us physically. We have been doing speaking engagements and we have been packing the houses.

Al Qaeda Criminal Khaled al Sharif Appointed Minister of Defense in Libya

Khalid al-Sharif, known as Abu Hazem, a known terrorist a Guantanamo prisoner and a prisoner in Libya - before NATO and the US took charge and opened all the prisons during the NATO war, releasing all the psychopaths.

Sharif's brother psychopaths and terrorists now controlling Libya have decided that Mr. TERRORIST should be the Minister of Defense for Libya.

You have to ask yourself; In what alternate universe is a convicted Al Qaeda terrorist appointed to defend innocent people?

CIA/USA Building Al Qaeda Training Camps "Campuses" in Libya

In Libya there is no government there is only Al Qaeda. The Libyan resistance grows stronger everyday as the people of Libya are fed up with the tyranny that now controls their lives. Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical groups are laying claim to as much ground as possible in Libya before the Tribes gain enough outside support to return and clean their country of the filth left there by NATO, the UN and the US. Fearing that they will lose their grip and their new bank, the US CIA has stepped up its support of the psychopaths in Libya.

General strike in Benghazi

First day of general strike in the second city of Libya.

Today, Benghazi, Libya's second city, has been a ghost town because of the general strike against CNG, the Libyan General Congress.

Shops, offices, schools and public buildings were closed for the entire day.

That today is was only the first 7 days of the planned strike.

Even the plane brought international Gasoline Benghazi after being closed.

March 7, 2104 Moriartys on the Radio with James Corbett and Libyan Tribal Representative

The Moriartys and Libyan Tribal Representative Faraj Muftah, speak with James Corbett of the Corbett Report about Libya before the NATO/US invasion and bombing , during the NATO/US bombing and the current situation in Libya.

You can listen at this link:
You listen to the video posted below

Eastern Libya Today, Islamic Extremists Declare the City of Derna an Islamic Emirate

Today in Libya, Islamic Extremist groups declared the eastern city of Derna, an Islamic Emirate. This is completely against the will of the civilian people but with the support of the US and Obama. They have weapons stores, camps and training centers, they plan to make this the new training center like the Taliban has in Afghanistan. They will bring in extremists from all over the world to train for acts of terror and war. The women will be oppressed and opposing males will be slaughtered.

How very awful for the Libyan people.

Great Libyan Tribes Refuse to Meet with US Ambassador

Today the Great Werfalla Tribe headquartered in the city of Bani Walid, refused to receive the shameless US Ambassador, Deborah Jones. Also refusing to meet with this woman was the great Wershafana tribe headquartered near Tripoli. The honorable Libyan tribes existing for thousands of years will not be taken in by two faced politicians who are making every attempt to support Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood behind closed doors in Libya.

Good for them and God Bless them.


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