Unknown Bombers Help Legitimate Libyan People/Tribes Destroy Terrorist Militias

As I write this update it is 9:23PM Central time USA. I was just informed that bombing has again started in Tripoli. The bombing is being done by an unknown source. The bombs are being targeted against the Misurata militias (criminals all, Islamic Extremists and psychopaths). Early this morning the bombs were again being dropped in the city of Misurata hitting the weapons stores of the criminal Misurata psychopaths. (see photo below) They were also targeting the Misurata criminals in Tripoli where they attempt to control the city at police stations and city offices.

BREAKING Libyan Tribes Report Bombings Executed Against Extremist Militias

Update Libya - Tribes of Libya report that many bombing raids were executed against the rubbish Misurata militias and other extremist gangs in Libya. The raids were executed starting yesterday and continue today. They are striking weapons depots, armed vehicles, training camps and many other sites. The source of these bombings is not yet confirmed. But God Bless them whomever they are..

One Million Euros Found on Captured Mercenaries in Tripoli

The Libyan tribes army has captured a group of criminal terrorists hold up in a communications building. One of the captured men had with him over 1 million Euros. He told the Libyan tribes that he was given this money by Khaled Al-Sharif and Abdulhakem Belhaj to pay Islamic terrorist fighters to fight against the tribes of Libya. Khaled Al Sharif is a known terrorist as is Belhaj. Both of these men have made themselves part of the puppet government but there is no legitimacy in their positions.

URGENT Misurata Criminal Militias Plan to Use Poison Gas on Tripoli

The Misurata militias made up of criminals, terrorists, mafia and psychopathic mercenaries have stolen a store of poison gas from southern Libya and moved it close to their rats nest in Misurata to use against the innocent civilians in Tripoli. They moved the gas from where is was being stored in Al Jufra (Houn) - in south Libya. This gas was there before NATO invaded but had been under UN control so the west is fully aware of its existence but have done nothing to remove it.

Video - Great Tribes of Libya Cleaning Their Country of Islamic Extremists

The Great Tribes of Libya have joined together to begin the systematic cleansing of their country from Islamic extremist rubbish and all foreign mercenaries working with them. They have begun with Tripoli and are having substantial success. The Misurata criminals, now starting to have great losses are scared; shocked that they are losing they are in great fear. They even brought in Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical Islamic mercenaries from all over the region to help. They are still losing.

VIDEO - Genocide of Black Libyans Continues by Misurata Extremists

Since the beginning of the illegal invasion, occupation and wag the dog false revolution in Libya, all radical Islamic groups have targeted black Libyans. First they claimed they were mercenaries but there were no mercenaries fighting on the legitimate Libyan side. NATO, Obama and Clinton on the other hand brought in 250,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries to illegally take over the sovereign nation of Libya.

Tripoli Under Seige - AGAIN - Video

Today in the city of Tripoli is the worst fighting since NATO invaded in 2011. The Misurata psychopaths have called in their fellow Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to come to Tripoli to fight with them. Their goal today is to take and own the entire city of Tripoli. Consequently, there has been fighting and bombing all over the entire city. The civilians in Libya are suffering beyond belief. These criminals are destroying infrastructure, electricity, water supplies; food and medicine cannot get into the city.


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