General strike in Benghazi

First day of general strike in the second city of Libya.

Today, Benghazi, Libya's second city, has been a ghost town because of the general strike against CNG, the Libyan General Congress.

Shops, offices, schools and public buildings were closed for the entire day.

That today is was only the first 7 days of the planned strike.

Even the plane brought international Gasoline Benghazi after being closed.

March 7, 2104 Moriartys on the Radio with James Corbett and Libyan Tribal Representative

The Moriartys and Libyan Tribal Representative Faraj Muftah, speak with James Corbett of the Corbett Report about Libya before the NATO/US invasion and bombing , during the NATO/US bombing and the current situation in Libya.

You can listen at this link:
You listen to the video posted below

Eastern Libya Today, Islamic Extremists Declare the City of Derna an Islamic Emirate

Today in Libya, Islamic Extremist groups declared the eastern city of Derna, an Islamic Emirate. This is completely against the will of the civilian people but with the support of the US and Obama. They have weapons stores, camps and training centers, they plan to make this the new training center like the Taliban has in Afghanistan. They will bring in extremists from all over the world to train for acts of terror and war. The women will be oppressed and opposing males will be slaughtered.

How very awful for the Libyan people.

Great Libyan Tribes Refuse to Meet with US Ambassador

Today the Great Werfalla Tribe headquartered in the city of Bani Walid, refused to receive the shameless US Ambassador, Deborah Jones. Also refusing to meet with this woman was the great Wershafana tribe headquartered near Tripoli. The honorable Libyan tribes existing for thousands of years will not be taken in by two faced politicians who are making every attempt to support Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood behind closed doors in Libya.

Good for them and God Bless them.

US Ambasador to Libya Makes Terrorists Her New Best Friends

What is wrong with this woman?

In this picture you will see Deborah K. Jones, US Ambassador to Libya, holding the hand of one of the most extreme Muslim terrorists. She is meeting with a group from the tribe Zentan. The Zentan tribe is split into a couple of factions the least of these is their Islamic extremist arm made up of maybe 25 or 30 people. Why would Deborah Jones chose to meet with the most radical of this tribe and "hold hands with the elder?"

Egyptian Minister Confirms Terrorist Training Camps in Libya

Major General Mohsen Hifzi, Vice Minister of Interior of Egypt confirmed earlier today, the existence of a training camp for terrorists under the name of " free Islamic Army" , in the city of Derna in Libya.

He also revealed that a number of terrorists trained in Egypt in the Rafah camp would travel to Turkey for 48 hours and then travel back to Libya.

Hear the Moriartys in Person at One of the Following Events

APRIL LIVE EVENTS for Libyan Whistle Blowers James and JoAnne Moriarty - come and meet us

We will be appearing live at the JBS (John Birch Society) at the following dates, times and places.

1. Midland, Texas - Thursday, April 10th - 11:30 AM. The Petroleum Club, Wall Street in downtown Midland, Texas Contact for tickets: Ann Hedstrom (O) (432) 686-0022 (C) (432) 425-1110- Email:

Chaos Continues in Libya

The Bank of the Republic of Libya is closed to customers because of the growing security breaches against the banks and it's employees.

Chaos continues in Libya with a failed puppet government run by Al Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood. The only hope for the Libyan people is for the great Tribes of Libya take control and rebuild a stable respected government with a full country election and a real constitution. The Leaders of the Tribes are working to achieve this goal and all the Libyan people are with them.

God Speed and God be with them.


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