VIDEO of Fighting Around Tripoli Airport July 21, 2014

Video of the Misurata Al Qaeda militias (gangs) fighting against the Zentan tribe near the airport in Tripoli. This fighting continues now. The tribes are backing the Zentan tribe and there are huge losses in the Misurata al Qaeda militias. As many as 800 dead now most likely more. The media in Libya is lying about this to keep the families of the fighters quiet. They are reporting a total of 20 dead.

Known Terrorist Attempts to Create Terrorist Military Council in Tripoli

Khaled AL-Sharif (Al Qaeda) First Undersecretary of puppet Ministry of Defense (appointed by radical Islamists) close associate of known Al Qaeda leader Adulhakem Belhaj - has been in lead of Al Qaeda militias and fighters and appointed by them to be in charge of the National Guard and Military Order of the Western Region - He is the main financier of money to supporters of evil (radical Islamic terrorists) - the main supplier of arms to the same and the supplier of explosives.

Syrian Jihadists Caught Trying to Sneak into Libya

35 Syrian Islamic radical jihadists were arrested today trying to sneak into Libya in the back of a large truck being driven by a Libyan national. This group was arrested on the Libyan - Algerian border near the city of Kapaau by the security forces of the city of Kapaau. These 35 illegal aliens and their driver are being held in jail in Kapaau as criminals all involved in illegal smuggling activities.

A Whistleblowers Personal Request

To all of you who read this site and know us, you understand that we are under constant pressure and attack to "shut up" by the powers that be. Yet we still continue to speak out and post updates from our Libyan brothers and sisters and the great Tribes of Libya.. We have an eyewitness to the killing of Chris Stevens and the names of all the instigators on the ground in Benghazi. We have tried to pass this information to many US officials and agencies. None of them want this information and they all want us to just go away and shut up.

Islamic Extremists Continue to Flow into USA with Fake Libyan Passports

So, I know I sound like a broken record but this outrage of fake Libyan passports being issued to Islamic extremists from all over the world has got to stop. The photo attached to this article is of a known radical Islamic extremist psychopath from Egypt. If you look at the photo you will see the fake passport on the left side in Arabic and on the right you will see this mans Egyptian ID. The number 1372 on the Libyan passport means it is a fake

The Truth of Libya FINALLY Hits the Main Stream Media

This article by Eric Draitser validates everything that we have said about Libya as eye witnesses to the NATO and Obama illegal carnage of that sovereign nation. It only took 3 years for the real truth to hit the mainstream. The consequences to the perpetrators should be terminal, they committed capital offenses over and over again and the premeditated murder of a sovereign nation.
The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream


Every Libyan and every truth seeking person needs to read the real story of Basit Igtet and his tie to the Zionists as outlined by Lady Khamis and posted on the great website "Libya Against the Super Power Media". Lady Khamis along with Al Fatah Mohammed have done themselves proud with the extensive research and writing of the below article. Truth is a guiding light!



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