Libya is Being Destroyed because it's being used as the Battleground for Radical Islamic Mafia

Garyan Libya today, September 15, 2014. Unknown bombers have hit the Misurata Terrorist Militia (aka Libyan Dawn, aka shield militia, aka Misurata 4th militia, etc.) camp in Garyan, Libya. Certain media in Libya, that is siding with the terrorists, has been reporting lies about the bombing. They claim that these bombers attacked civilians in Garyan, this is a complete fabrication, there were no civilians attacked only the terrorist militia camps. They conveniently leave that out.

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Misurata Islamist Mafia Break Into US Embassy Tripoli

Sunday, August 31, 2014 - the most hated group of terrorists in Libya broke into the US Embassy. You will see on this post a number of photos and a video proving just how these criminals behave. The Misurata Militia (attempting to repaint themselves with a new name "Libya Dawn") are the leading criminals in all of Libya now. They are made up of multiple terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others. They are also full of mercenaries from many countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Unknown Bombers Help Legitimate Libyan People/Tribes Destroy Terrorist Militias

As I write this update it is 9:23PM Central time USA. I was just informed that bombing has again started in Tripoli. The bombing is being done by an unknown source. The bombs are being targeted against the Misurata militias (criminals all, Islamic Extremists and psychopaths). Early this morning the bombs were again being dropped in the city of Misurata hitting the weapons stores of the criminal Misurata psychopaths. (see photo below) They were also targeting the Misurata criminals in Tripoli where they attempt to control the city at police stations and city offices.

BREAKING Libyan Tribes Report Bombings Executed Against Extremist Militias

Update Libya - Tribes of Libya report that many bombing raids were executed against the rubbish Misurata militias and other extremist gangs in Libya. The raids were executed starting yesterday and continue today. They are striking weapons depots, armed vehicles, training camps and many other sites. The source of these bombings is not yet confirmed. But God Bless them whomever they are..

One Million Euros Found on Captured Mercenaries in Tripoli

The Libyan tribes army has captured a group of criminal terrorists hold up in a communications building. One of the captured men had with him over 1 million Euros. He told the Libyan tribes that he was given this money by Khaled Al-Sharif and Abdulhakem Belhaj to pay Islamic terrorist fighters to fight against the tribes of Libya. Khaled Al Sharif is a known terrorist as is Belhaj. Both of these men have made themselves part of the puppet government but there is no legitimacy in their positions.


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