Islamic Extremists On the Run OUT of Libya

The news is beginning to be positive for the Libyan people, the army is defeating the radicals and mercenaries with the help of the tribes and the surrounding countries. Consequently, you see these murdering criminals trying to escape. A group of them left tonight out of Mitiga airbase in Tripoli because the main airport was blown up by them. The Libyan people and the tribes and the army are all working together and positive results are beginning to show.

This just in from the Libyan tribes:

Al Qaeda Criminal Abdulhakim Belhaj Raises His Ugly Head and Claims He is the Savior of Libya

Leave it to CNN to give a voice to one of the most notorious Al Qaeda leaders in the world, Abdulhakim Belhaj.

Belhaj was attempting to tell the world that he will be Libya's savior. This man has to either be living in an alternate universe or he is completely disillusional. If there is a "most hated" person list in Libya, Belhaj would have to be at the top.

US Weapons Supplied to Misurata Islamic Mafia via Qatar

Today a cargo plane from Qatar landed at Mitiga airport in Tripoli. Mitiga is the old US Wheelus Airforce base being run by none other than our old enemy Abdulhakem Belhaj an Al Qaeda leader and a founder of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. All psychopaths, all radical Islamists.

Deborah Jones US Ambassador to Libya Colludes with Misurata Radical Islamic Mafia

The poor pitiful excuse of an Ambassador from the US to Libya, Deborah Jones has again shown that she is either a complete puppet for the Zionists or is the most stupid woman on the face of the earth. She has again colluded with the dark side in Libya. She has asked the Misurata Radical Islamic Mafia, aka "Libya Dawn" to protect the US Embassy in Tripoli while she is away hiding in Malta because the situation in Tripoli is too dangerous for her to remain.

Libya is Being Destroyed because it's being used as the Battleground for Radical Islamic Mafia

Garyan Libya today, September 15, 2014. Unknown bombers have hit the Misurata Terrorist Militia (aka Libyan Dawn, aka shield militia, aka Misurata 4th militia, etc.) camp in Garyan, Libya. Certain media in Libya, that is siding with the terrorists, has been reporting lies about the bombing. They claim that these bombers attacked civilians in Garyan, this is a complete fabrication, there were no civilians attacked only the terrorist militia camps. They conveniently leave that out.


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