Libyan Women Being Tortured and Raped by Libyan Rebels, Mercenaries and Militias

Since the illegal take over of Libya BY FORCE - thousands have been imprisoned, tortured and raped. Women are being abused at an alarming rate. NEVER before in Libya was the abuse of any woman allowed. Crimes against women were punished at the highest level. Now full of criminals and terrorists with no government control, women are the targets of abuse


This is a copy of the formal declaration regarding the Libyan NATO crisis by the Eastern Tribal Leaders in Libya. This declaration was published in the spring of 2011 and contains all the names of the Tribal Leaders who were part of the declaration. This declaration shows how little truth was involved in the false flag operation by the UN/US/NATO/FRANCE/UK/QATAR to destroy and rape Libya and hand it over to radical extreme Muslim terrorists.

Syrian Rebels Fire Poisonous Gas on Civilians

Syrian Rebels who are made up of many mercenary extremist Muslim groups - Al Nusra, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and others, fire poisonous gas on civilians and blame it on Assad. Same dirty game was played in Libya. Using these lies the US/UN/France/UK/Qatar bombs and destroys Libya. Being unsuccessful at taking over Syria by funding, arming and sending al Qaeda mercenaries in to fight they now must take drastic means to justify attacking Syria. This has to do with stopping the gas pipeline through Syria to Russia.


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